Graduate Interviews

Graduate interviews

Graduate Interviews

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Interview with Oscar and Emmy award winner

Trefor Proud

I was a wig dresser for an opera company.

I liked the fact Delamar Academy were willing to split their courses and you were taught by professionals who were experienced in the field.

What makes them different is they care, and do not see you as a cash cow.

All productions need to be treated with the same degree of care and professionalism.

Do it for the love of it, not the money.

Making Derek Jacobi look so ill on a film they called for a medic thinking his makeup was real.

My work on John Adams…

In America you expect to be and are treated like a professional…very competitive.

Be prepared for a lot of setbacks…but don’t give up.

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Interview with Delamar graduate and tutor

Amanda Warburton

I was a hairdresser for 10 years, just working in salons, freelance and then teaching hair.

I wanted to do something a little bit more creative and develop and extend the knowledge I already had with hair and piece it together.

A lot of my clients worked in TVS in Southampton and I’d go up to the studio and see a whole new world there.

Yes, it totally helped with going into the film industry. I was also lucky because hairdressing also teaches you shapes of faces (which you learn during the course) so I was well prepared.

I have a regular slot on Holby City, where I do beauty and straight make-up, but I also get the chance to do casualty make-up, which I really enjoy. Teaching Casualty at Delamar also allows me to pass on current techniques and what’s going on within the industry.

I also work in crowd rooms on films. Recently I’ve worked on ‘Stardust’, ‘Golden Compass’, ‘Nanny McPhee 2′, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’. This has taken me to places like South Africa, Tenerife, Morocco and India.

The tutors are all working in the industry and they can give you advice and pass on their experience. In other schools the teachers would be full-time and not know the latest products and techniques. Some had very large classes.

At Delamar it’s more of a family and that attracts a certain type of person (both tutors and students).

Be quietly confident, not too aggressive, but believe in yourself and keep going. At first you might think you’ll never get a job, but just get as many contacts as you can and always be friendly, polite and on time. With the training you’ll get in the background from Delamar, that’s your gift, your ticket. I can’t believe I just said that.

For more information about Amanda Warburton, please visit her IMDB page.

Interview with Indian Film Academy award winner
and Vogue Make-up Artist of the Year

Namrata Soni

I was a student majoring in economics.

When I did my research and found Penny Delamar, I aspired to be like her. Delamar Academy had the best courses and best teachers. It made me want to study there.

The hands-on practical approach. It has a course out there for every individual, the best teachers from around the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better school.

I loved every day of my course, but my most memorable day is when Penny taught me how to do a little bit of prosthetic makeup. As she had stopped teaching by then, I valued the time and information the most.

Fashion is the most creative work a makeup artist can get the opportunity to do. It’s innovative and it can be anything you want it to be. The crazier the better sometimes.

Small films have tighter schedules (60 days), long hours of work (15 -17 hours a day) and small budgets. There is a lot of prep that goes into each look, as the window of time is short. Every detail is important and you have to be on your toes constantly. The budgets for smaller films are very low so for the amount of work you do, the pay grade is less.

Big productions have long schedules (100 -120 days) but the hours of work are slightly shorter ( 12 hours ) . The schedules are far apart as the movie can take anywhere up to a year or more to complete. Continuity books are a must in these kinds of projects, as every actor needs to look identical to the scene that was shot months ago. A lot of attention to detail is paid in these films. Sometimes actors are in the same outfit for weeks.

Assist a little before you go to study. If you ask the right questions you will receive the answers. You don’t get spoon-fed the answers. They want you to know what you are studying.

It is a great profession, where you have to put in a lot of hard work and sacrifice a lot of personal time, but the rewards that you reap are worth it.

My favourite memory is of my mom and sister being next to me when I won the IIFA award. It was the happiest moment of my career.

All my achievements.

Well, India has a lot of potential but the genre of movies being made here are different. It’s changing very quickly and with corporate companies taking over production, it’s becoming more professional very fast. The hours of work here are longer and the pay is less.

It’s a great country with great potential and a growing worldwide market.

There’s a place for everyone.

To be the best at what I do, coming back to Delamar to study further. Making my mother proud.

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Interview with Make-up Artist

Sarah Jagger

Trying to survive selling my paintings.

I spent a lot of time researching where to go and decided on Delamar because it seemed like it had the best tutors.

The tutors! (but I would say that!). No really, Delamar employs top makeup artists with a wealth of experience from all areas of makeup to teach where as some courses are taught by tutors who haven’t worked in the industry for some time. Techniques change constantly and a student benefits more from a teacher who is currently working regularly.

I loved learning about fashions throughout the ages… I think that understanding why makeup was worn a certain way at a certain time actually makes you a better makeup artist.

Its all about detail. Beauty is close up so every element needs to be perfect. In fashion its all about the whole look working together… The makeup needs to compliment the styling and be bang on trend.

Film and TV are great for a makeup artist that likes working in a team, on a project for an extended period of time. Film crews become like family because they spend so many days working together. A fashion job is normally a one or two day shoot so you work with lots of different people all the time.

Take as much work experience as you can and don’t be afraid to approach as many makeup artists as possible about assisting because it can very quickly lead to well paid work.

I’m always happy when I open a magazine and see my work… That’s the best bit.

I’ve worked with Vivienne Westwood for two years now and am proud to work with such an inspiring designer.

Everything is ‘more’ in America. More competitive, more people on shoots, more looks shot in one day, more food at lunch, more makeup needed on the models.

Be prepared for a lot of setbacks… But don’t give up.

I’d love to set up my own brand of cosmetics eventually.

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Interview with Make-up Artist

Heiðdís Austfjörð Óladóttir

Nothing really, didn´t know what I wanted to do with my life. I always had the interest for make up but never wanted to study in Iceland because there wasn´t much to study really; only the basics and I wasn´t interested in only learning them, I wanted to do something more. Meanwhile I was just studying on a upper secondary level I think you can call it, which you normally do from age 16-20 but had no interest in it at all, so had already taken a break from that once to be an au-pair in Cambridge UK, and after that always wanted to return again to the UK. I was working at a pub and a beauty salon part time with school.

I spent a couple of nights browsing the internet and I googled “make up schools in the uk” and had a look, and everything Delamar had to offer interested me and I thought that was a proper education I wanted to do as I was serious about being a make up artist, about working as one in every way possible, not only to do the pretty pretty stuff girls want.

The diversity; you learn so much! Stuff I never thought about when thinking about becoming a make up artist, like making wigs and mustaches and how good it is for you to have knowledge in hair as well as it will most definitely get you more jobs if you have both, that´s why I started studying hairstyling and hairdressing last year. I do admit it was not at all my favorite subject at Delamar, but in the back of my head I always remembered everybody saying that you would rather get a job having both.

Getting to know everybody and meeting some of my best friends I have and all the laughs at lunch time and listening to Debs stories from sets and always every day being excited for what we were going to do that day (except hair…) and how disturbingly interested I was looking through the casualty/autopsy books thinking how cool it would be to recreate this and that… so weird… and I still do that and I get a weird looks from my friends when I´m not bothered by anything bloody and messy…

I think they’re completely different jobs. It´s still make up but you´re thinking in another way, you´re not using the same products, you´re talking to all these different people about different things and the excitement is so different in all these places but so rewarding when you´re working with a great team. (I think I understand the question right).

To give yourself time to look what schools have to offer and if you see yourself doing it all.

To realise it´s hard work and you have to do it all by yourself, you can´t count on anybody else, but in the end it´s all worth it.

Designing the look of The Hair The Musical here in my hometown with some of the best singers in Iceland, it´s the best job I´ve ever had, and I watched almost every show coz I loved it and them all, we became so close, it was amazing!

The Hair, as it was the first big thing I designed by myself.

It´s different because of the size obviously, and especially because I don´t live in Reykjavík where most of all the biggest productions are. In Reykjavík we have all the biggest production companies as well so if there is a job even in my hometown they will still bring a make up artist with them as they are a part of the staff. But even the difference is still the size coz though we have big productions and big movies come out, they really really rarely will get world-known like in the UK.

But I appreciate every job I get, no matter the size of it, as I get to do what I love.

You have to take the small jobs, even if you’ve got the big ones, coz like I’ve said before you have to make your own success and no one is going to do it for you.

To finish the hair dressing and styling courses, takes about 3-4 years, and get my confidence up in that as well, and just never give up in doing what I love, so many people are studying this now but so few do anything about it when they finish, coz they are always waiting for the call to be offered all the jobs.

And never change for anybody! Many people told me I was childish for using glitter in my work f.ex. but it has gotten me so far, coz it makes me different and I´m not afraid to take chances and be different… and sparkle while at it!

Right, I hope I understood the questions correctly, you´ll fix my grammar where needed, and tell me if there´s anything I´m forgetting or could be better.

To see Heiðdís’s facebook page click here.

Interview with Make-up Artist

Jane Richardson

I was a qualified Beauty Therapist with my own Salon for 6 years specialising in, and treating patients using Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

The Delamar academy is different for two reasons. First, because it was, and still is a family affair. You received professional training whilst feeling cared for. Secondly, its reputation, which supports you when you go out in to the industry.

Penny coming in and telling me that I had an hour to finish my body painting. I was painting a floral bikini top, still to complete ‘one side’, I completed it within the hour and you couldn’t see the difference. I learnt that I can, and do, do my best work under pressure!

They each have their own pace and demand different skills. I loved TV for its ‘real’ factor which allowed me to work more with character, learn more about the face and how we express ourselves. With Fashion I am able to mix reality with xxx and push boundaries within beauty, at a faster and almost ‘throw away’ pace.

As a freelancer I had to deal with all aspects of my business and be highly self-motivated which at the time I loved. I had been self-employed for years so knew nothing else! Working for NARS brings more financial security for certain but was not the reason why I began working for them. The difference now is that I get to represent, and use NARS products exclusively doing what I love.

I would have gone on to study further in MLD and completed the training to allow me to teach it.

I am lucky to have so many great memories…but one that I learnt from was suddenly finding myself having to be Jessica Stevenson’s double on ‘Spaced’. All I had to do was walk through the door and throw keys in a dish…i don’t know how many takes later I learnt that you really do have to be prepared for anything in this business and thankfully I am much better behind the camera!

My determination and not being afraid to change direction and follow my heart!

Apart from knowing a little about the culture and respecting it on arrival, everything else is the same.

Practice makeup whenever you can, find your mentors, and learn from them. Put your heart into everything that you do whether it is cleaning brushes or packing up a kit. If you can walk away each day knowing that you have done a great job, the rewards will come.

Always know a little about the brand and the products, and have some idea about the business side as you will most likely be working in a retail environment. Having knowledge of what will be expected from you in the sales environment along with your professional training will perhaps make you the stronger candidate.

If you would like to know more about Jane’s experiences,
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Interview with Make-up Artist

Lauren Whitworth

Lauren graduated from Delamar after completing our 1-Year Higher Education Course.

Currently Lauren is a New-York based make-up artist working on films, advertisements and editorial/fashion shoots. She has worked with numerous celebrities such as Saoirse Ronan, Holly Willoughby, Nora Jones, Mika, Olivia Palermo, Peaches Geldof and Mark Ramprakash to name but a few!! Lauren has also worked with a variety of leading fashion designers on some huge projects, these have included; Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Tamara Mellon of ‘Jimmy Choo’. Her work has also featured in ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, ‘Tatler’, ‘Elle’, ‘Glamour’ and ‘Grazia’ (again there are many more!!). Lauren’s work has allowed her to travel and work in countries across the world from New York to Moscow.

It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite part of the course at Delamar as the whole course is so hands-on and everyday you are not only learning but trying something new. For someone like me who wants to ‘do’ rather than ‘watch’, everyday was stimulating, informative and an invaluable experience…I just loved getting up for my classes at Delamar!

Not only did Delamar teach me the practical side of make-up but also business etiquette and acumen so I was 100% prepared for the industry. I didn’t realise at the time but I now value these lessons just as much as the practical exercises and look back on them just as fondly.

Look at the bigger picture, don’t be disheartened when you do an unpaid job. It’s all experience and another line on your resume! Hang on in there as the experience you gain won’t go away, you are building on it all the time and eventually it will all pay off.

One valuable piece of advice I can give is not to screw over your fellow makeup artists. Keep a good network of people you trust around you, as you will all help each other out in the future. I have girls I call upon when I’m am already booked or sick and they do a great job representing me with my clients. I have been booked on so many jobs by other makeup artists too, remember we only have 2 hands and sometimes you’ll need more!

Be calm, professional, trustworthy and don’t demand the attention. We are ‘behind the scenes people’ and most importantly…BE ON TIME!!

I am particularly proud of being ‘CoverGirl’s’ Celebrity Make-Up Artist Spokesperson and being the key make-up artist and designer to make-up artist Vera Wang.

Another memorable moment was when I saw my work for the ‘Bam and then it Hits you’ advertising campaign for the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), appear on billboards and posters all over the New York City Metro and subway trains. This campaign won an ‘Effie Award’ in 2013. I have been very fortunate as my work has been published in the USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico and the Caribbean.

In this industry people always talk about how important it is to make ‘contacts’. This is really important as it not only gets you work but it also helps you to build an established and well-regarded reputation in the industry. Obviously building and making contacts takes time. Over time I have established good working relationships with Emmy Award winning producers and directors, multi-platinum musicians such as Josh Groban and Screen Actors Guild Award Winning Actors such as Elizabeth Moss.

To see Heiðdís’s facebook page click here.

You can also take a look at Lauren’s website at or follow her on Twitter @LAURENMAKEUPNYC

Personal Recommendation

“Delamar employs top make-up artists with a wealth of experience from all areas of make-up to teach where as some courses are taught by tutors who haven’t worked in the industry for some time. Techniques change constantly and a student benefits more from a teacher who is currently working regularly.”

Sarah Jagger, Delamar Graduate and Celebrity Make-up Artist


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