Week 4 of Online Classes

Week 4 of Online Classes

Week 4 just dropped and it’s a killer line-up! 

The people have spoken. They want more online classes! 

The last week saw things continue with the same quality and diversity of learning. We had BAFTA winner, Catherine Scoble teach Car Crash SFX make-up (as in, the look was of car crash injuries). Then there was Namrata Soni’s Indian Bridal Masterclass with almost 300 of you tuning in from all over the world. Nikki Hambi taught a 1940’s Hair & Make-up Masterclass followed by 4 hours of barbering, by Sian Miller and her now Zoom famous fam! Finally, Hannah Martin did the most engaging Beauty Photoshoot Masterclass, teaching about the job of working on set with a team. We loved seeing how many online students recreated the looks taught, from haircuts to injuries on family members and a whole heap of beautiful feel-good make-up on themselves. 

Next week’s line-up is killer! 2 classes are free – Siân and Wendy’s. The other three are ticketed to cover our costs. We have made sure these are affordable and accessible for all. Delamar students and graduates will receive a 50% discount on the paid Masterclasses with an exclusive code. Please email emma@delamaracademy.co.uk for your code!

To answer some questions we have been asked a lot this week:

  • I haven’t received my link! Help! Eventbrite email 2 hours before the class you have registered for and 2 minutes before the class. If you don’t receive this for some reason, login to your Eventbrite to see the class link. If all else fails, email emma@delamaracademy.co.uk and she will email you the link directly. 
  • Zoom are asking me for a code! Help! Zoom should not ask anyone for a code. If this happens please shut down the link, refresh your browser and click it again. 
  • Ok I have my link but it’s not working! Help! Simply log out of your Zoom account and log back in. Shut down the link you have opened and click to open it again. This has fixed every technical problem so far. 
  • Can we record classes? To keep the magic and exclusivity of these live classes, we have made the decision not to record them. It is also important to add that most of our tutors do not wish to be recorded. 
  • Will Delamar be issuing certificates for the online classes? Since we are in the beginning stages of creating online learning, certificates are not something we will be doing just yet. This is due to certification requiring serious practical participation from our students. This will be under review and with enough interest from you guys, we might explore the option of structured online courses. 



Delamar Academy online classes 27 April 1 May:

Monday 27 April: Wendy Topping’s Georgian 1760’s hair styling


We decided to try a pre-recorded class! Delamar Academy tutor Wendy Topping, teaches a 1760’s period Georgian hairstyle from home, during lockdown. It would be amazing to see your work on IG. Please tag us in your Georgian hair creations. 



Tuesday 28 April 10.00am BST 
Siân Miller’s Film & TV Industry Lecture

In this free lecture, you will learn what it’s really like to work on a make-up truck, on set and prep for a big production. Advice on script continuity and professional insider knowledge will be shared. At the end of the 1 Year Cert HE Make-up Design course at Delamar, Sian delivers her talk to students, all about the realities of working in the industry. This is such a powerful, inspiring and valuable day, that we thought it would be great to share it via our online classes. 

Siân has 30 years experience as a hair and make up artist, working in TV Drama and Film. As Key Hair, Make-up and Prosthetic Artist on films such as Wes Anderson’s ‘The French Dispatch’, and Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’. Sian has worked with Richard Madden, Tilda Swinton and Timothee Chalamet to name a few. Passionate and entertaining, Sian is much loved by the students at Delamar.





Wednesday 29 April 1.00pm BST 
Holly Edwards’ Contemporary Hair Masterclass

Hair and make-up tutor Holly is super practical and down-to earth with the students. Since graduating from Delamar 13 years ago, Holly has been busy carving out a successful career working in TV drama and feature films. She has worked all over the world on productions including ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Fortitude’, ‘Clash of the Titans’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Guerilla’, ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Luther’.

Holly is known for her hair skills. In this Masterclass, you will learn contemporary styles inpired by Chris Appleton’s work on Ariana Grande, as shown in the image above.






Thursday 30 April 1.00pm BST 
Mary Greenwell’s Lecture on Make-up in the 1990’s

One of the most respected make-up artists in the fashion and beauty industry, Mary Greenwell’s artistry occupies a space in the upper echelons of make-up talent alongside Pat McGrath and Kevyn Aucoin. 

Working with names including Princess Diana, Patrick Demarchelier, Cate Blanchett, Giselle Bundchen, Kate Moss and even the odd Kardashian, Mary’s career spans the birth of the original supermodels to numerous Vogue covers and royalty. Both Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury were trained by Mary – her legacy is second to none.

During this lecture, Mary will be sharing stories about her career during the era of the Supermodel. The 1990’s are having a huge influence on modern make-up trends, so who better than Mary, to talk about the original looks, techniques and the products used. Mary will also be showing her own kit, talking about how key make-up products have changed over the years. 






Friday 1 May 10.00am BST 
Pauline Briscoe’s Glam Make-up Masterclass


Don’t let Pauline’s youthful looks deceive you, with over 20 years experience in the industry, our students are very lucky to learn from such an in-demand beauty and fashion make-up artist. Often requested for her work on black skin, Pauline is personal make-up artist to Serena Williams, having worked with her for many appearances including the 2018 Royal Wedding and magazine covers from Sports Illustrated to Forbes. Pauline’s other clients include Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Jamelia and Jennifer Hudson. Students love Pauline’s fresh energy and up-to-the-minute make-up looks. 

In this make-up masterclass, Pauline will be talking about her career from private jets and touring with Beyonce, to working regularly with Serena Williams. You will learn her style of glam make-up application. This class is ideal for make-up lovers and professionals alike.





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