What’s in the Delamar Academy kit?

What’s in the Delamar Academy kit?

Please note – that the kit photos and description reflect what is usually in the Delamar kit. Each year the kit has a value of around £1,800. Due to availability of stock and the up-grading of some products, this kit may change slightly from what you see below. We try to keep this post as updated as possible. 


Products – the love affair and arsenal of every make-up artist. We adore products and know how much our students do too! Many of our students are total product junkies, brandishing their Kat Von D Shade & light palettes and Morphe brushes in class, absolutely allowed but not necessary! We feel a sense of duty to their product obsession and professional requirements, to get the Delamar kit right.  We take pride in selecting the best professional products, tried and tested, recommended by tutors to form the basis of a kit appropriate for professional jobs. For a long time after finishing their courses, we see photos on social media of these kits, laid out for jobs, full of the original products supplied by us.  


In the gallery above you will see the following products totalling a retail value of over £1,200 . This is supplied to our 1 year Cert HE Professional Make-up Design course, the Advanced Complete Make-up Artist Course and the Complete Make-up Artist course. Our 5 week summer hair and make-up course has a slightly different kit, which excludes the special effects product – this kit is worth just over £900. 

Bdellium brushes with leather look brush roll – 25 brushes, Delamar Academy Set bag, Kryolan Aquacolor Palette, Kryolan Supracolor Palette, Dermacolor Camouflage Palette – NR1, Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette – L8, Mini FX and Fleshtone Skin Illustrator Palettes, Viseart Sultry Nudes and Mattes palette, Ben Nye Rouge Palette, Kryolan Eyelashes TV4, Kryolan and Tilt Powder Puffs, Oval Sponge, Wedge Sponges, Natural Sponge, Orange and Black Stipple Sponges, MAC Brow Set – Clear, MAC Gel Eyeliner in Blacktrack, MAC Clear Lipglass, Ben Nye Translucent and Banana Loose Powder, Mac Lip Pencil – Subculture, Mac Lip Pencil – Redd, Mac Eye Pencil – Coffee, Mac Eye Kohl – Smoulder, Mac Eyebrow Pencils x3 (Lingering, Stud, Fling), Bobbi Brown Foundations x4 (Porcelain, Almond, Honey and Warm Beige), Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, Tail Comb, Cutting Comb, Back Combing Brush, Rectangle Denman Brush, Oval Denman Brush, Pinbox & Grips, Black Gown, and The Complete Make-up Artist Textbook by Penny Delamar. 


Some stand-out products that appear in almost every film & TV make-up artist’s kit


Many of the more commercial products are so well known and easy to research, so we have decided to give a run down on the lesser-known, more niche products:


FX Skin Illustrator Palette – relatively unknown outside of the film & TV world; a brilliantly versatile palette of waterproof colours to create everything from injuries, bruises, beauty make-up, splatters, ageing and many more effects. This is alcohol based and requires IPA to become emollient. 


Kryolan Dermacolour Camouflage Palette – The original cover-up and corrector, this palette has an array of colours to cover-up tattoos, acne or other skin conditions. The longevity of this product is maintained with the use of fixing sprays and powders, which our students are taught how to use. 


Bdellium Brushes – One of the market leading pioneers in make-up artist brushes, these brushes are essential for most artists and a brand professionals return to time and time again. There are lots of great brands out there, but we spy these brushes in the kits of our tutors… so if it’s good enough for them…!






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