What’s the difference between the 16 and 22 week course?

What’s the difference between the 16 and 22 week course?

People often ask us about the difference between our 16-week and the 22-week course, also known as the Complete Make-up Artist course (16 weeks) and the Advanced Complete Make-up Artist (22 weeks).

The initial and most obvious difference to anyone considering either course is cost. The extra 6 weeks cost £3,300, which comes in at £550 per week. This is a good economy of scale since our regular courses work out at £1050 per week. This is a saving of £3,000 for the extra 6 weeks. Pretty good huh? In the extra 6 weeks you will learn 2 weeks of Advanced TV & Film and 4 weeks of Advanced Fashion. At the end of your 4 week Advanced Fashion training, you will be put to work on a photo shoot in a studio with a top model and established fashion photographer. This shoot is to provide an authentic experience and provide portfolio shots. A little more about this further on…



During these final 6 weeks, many of our students say the course “all comes together”. The advantage of learning many different special effects with wounds, ageing, bloods and skin conditions, combined with a full course of fashion techniques form a stronger foundation for our training make-up artists.




Graduate from the 22 week Advanced Complete Fashion Make-up Artist course, Andrew Denton, had the following to say:


“The 22 week course definitely gave me a thorough understanding of what it takes to become a successful make-up artist within any area of the industry. The attention to skill and professionalism is the most fantastic tool for any artist to gain the understanding of why make-up is so important to the jobs you will work on.


The structure of the course was just fantastic, to have the opportunity to throw myself into every aspect of the make-up industry and really discover what area excited me the most. The support I’ve received since graduating from Delamar has been incredible. Delamar is like a toolbox for any artist wanting to succeed in the industry, they give you everything you need, it’s up to you to use them!”


Advanced TV & Film:


Building on the skills taught in the Casualty and Character course, the 2 weeks of this intensive course explore further the building up of a character. Casualty skills are also developed — using a wide variety of products — and master classes from top industry experts ensure a thorough understanding of blood work, ageing techniques, and character work to a high standard.

Classes will revisit advanced ageing techniques using gelatine eye bags and also create larger skin aliments with a zombie project. Project work and practice in following the brief will help in combining all the techniques to produce the make-up result required.

Included are classes in understanding and following continuity, script and character breakdowns, understanding set etiquette, guidance on writing a CV and cover letter, speed tests and a lighting day with a professional cameraman with an HD camera and monitor.

Advanced Fashion:


The course covers everything a fashion make-up artist needs to know – including but not limited to:

  • Commercial make-up looks
  • Period eyeliners such as the 1950’s winged-liner
  • Editorial cat-eye looks
  • Expert use of colour and different textures
  • Several skin master classes
  • A 1970’s disco look with a Studio 54 inspiration
  • Clara Bow 1920’s original make-up
  • Graphic liner designs



We also look at masks, facial adornment, glitter, male grooming, colour correction and include a Pat McGrath project towards the end of the course.

This course is intensely practical, very enjoyable and full to the brim with expert tuition from leading fashion make-up artists.  

You will also be advised on working in the industry, building a portfolio, and how to follow a brief. Our master classes and speed tests with top industry experts ensure you will be taught the most current looks. There will be visits from top cosmetic companies to give you the latest information on products, too.

The Delamar Advanced Fashion box comes out for our 22-week students, who have access to so many products from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS and more. We keep this box topped up with every new product popular in the fashion industry.



We also include a photo shoot on this course in a great London studio, top professional photographer and models from Models1. One year we worked with the recent winners of Britain’s Next Top model, and some rising stars who are the faces of many brand campaigns and opening fashion week. It is important that our photo shoots are not “studenty” in any way. We strive to provide the best experiences and photos from our photo shoots. You can see the work here.

Ultimately, the factors to consider before enrolling are your funding options and available time to study. If you can finance the 22-week course, and you have the time to train with us for this period of time, this is one of the strongest starting points for your make-up career. Every year we have students on the 16-week course stay on and complete the extra 6 weeks. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 20 8579 9511 or book a tour!

We are still taking enrolments for 2022 and 2023 - start your career at the busiest time in the industry
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