The 1 year course round-up… what our students have to say about their intensive year training at Delamar…

The 1 year course round-up… what our students have to say about their intensive year training at Delamar…

The Delamar Academy Exhibition is always a time of reflection and sadness to be leaving but this is quickly replaced with excitement for the road ahead.  For all our students who complete the Cert HE professional make-up design course, it has been a seriously intensive year. The vast majority have completely relocated and plan to stay in London. We caught up with some students  (very soon to be graduates!) who were feeling chatty. All but one were international students, so this is a good read for anyone thinking of coming from overseas.


Nastassia Capri is a South African Greek who speaks several languages fluently.  She moved here to fulfil a dream of working in the industry and has not looked back.




How do you feel now it’s nearly over?


I’m feeling really good! I’m so proud of myself. The projects feel like such a team effort with everyone helping each other.


How did your expectation match up to the reality?


Delamar surpassed my expectations completely. I did not anticipate how much I would learn or how full on it would be. Every week on the course exceeded my expectations.


What did you find challenging?


Hair was a big struggle for me. At one point I wanted to throw the wig across the classroom… (but I’m very respectful of the expensive resources here!). After getting through basic hair, which did not seem basic by the way, I actually loved Hollywood Hair. Wigs however are such a foreign concept to me, I have never been exposed to them and found it such a challenge.”


Johanna Paras relocated from the Philippines


“Coming all the way from the Philippines was quite scary. I had a new feeling of independence somewhere completely new.


It was made very clear to us from the beginning of the course that you have to work so hard to be successful. It’s really nice how they deal with the students.”


What surprised you about the course?


‘I did not expect to learn so many topics. We went through such a great deal of work every week. I honestly didn’t know there was so much to learn!


I also didn’t expect to love hair but I enjoyed it so much. There is a huge difference though between enjoying something and having a deep passion for it. I feel so passionate about fashion make-up.


Barbering was really fun! Facial hair also –  so much fun. It was really relaxing and therapeutic knotting moustaches.


How have you grown this past year?


I am much more independent. Just having to pull myself together and be here each day felt independent. I didn’t miss a single day! I’m so proud of my 100% attendance.


I learned how to take criticism. You have to take a lot of constructive criticism on the course, and then take your family’s opinion of your work as well. They didn’t love everything I did, and I had to accept that. From Delamar it was always constructive! Now I have come so far with my knowledge and skills, if I could go back and watch my first make-up applications, I would judge myself so hard.


What’s in store for the future?


I aim to test for the next 6 months, choosing the best photographers and models I can possibly work with. My career goal for the next few years is to assist someone like Val Garland. Anyone established in the industry would be amazing.


What would you say to someone thinking of training here at Delamar?


Oh my gosh, you have to come here and see how much there is to learn. So much about being a successful make-up artist, you will never learn from a YouTube tutorial. I used to think certain make-up artists on YouTube were good, but now I can’t watch. I realised how narrow the YouTube or Instagram world of make-up is. You learn so much about work etiquette and the industry here.



Sofia Dias is from Portugal



The beginning was really hard for me. I have never lived away from home until now, not even in Portugal so coming to London was a big move.


I suffered with different things and had a tough time personally but the care and feedback at Delamar completely changed me.  I wanted to improve myself so much, and listened to everything said to me.


I loved my tutors, especially Ali, Jen and Amanda. Joanne from fashion was also amazing. I am so happy I decided to come here. Deciding what I wanted to do was difficult, as I started studying film. When making a film, it was the make-up that I loved, as terrible as it was, I just loved doing it myself, then I realised this was what I wanted to do. I’ve always loved TV series, horror films and anything nerdy. Prosthetics and SFX make-up were my thing. I’ve always had a crazy imagination.



What next for you Sofia?


My dream is to work for anything nerdy, Sci-Fi or even Star Wars. A TV series would be amazing. I love to see how the characters develop.


How did you grow on the course?


Delamar changed me for the better. I loved the experience and just hope that the next people who take this course have the same experiences I did.



Callista Lorian is from the UK and worked as a self-taught make-up artist before coming here



On finishing her training here:


Honestly I don’t know what I will do now I’m not coming here every day! It’s been so good and so intense. I’m trying to do lots of things now, especially in film and TV. My ideas and tastes have refined since training here. My eye wasn’t so good before, now I look back on my old work and cringe.


Beautiful subtle make-up can be so much harder to do than a full-on “Instagram Kardashian” make-up. I’ve learnt a lot.


I’ve now got the confidence to approach any make-up and hair situation. Everything I’ve learnt on the course I would try my hand at professionally. I would of course be nervous, but I have the training and can do so much now.


Just looking at my exhibition board, before coming here over 90% of it would seem impossible.


What surprised you?


How much I loved hair. Wendy Topping said that she could happily pin curl all day, and now I feel the same. Hair is really satisfying to work with, it’s such a practical skill and everything from setting to dressing a hair style is great, it feels really therapeutic to me. I got so much satisfaction from my hairstyles turning out well.



What was your favourite week on the course?


Hmm that’s a really difficult question. I soaked up everything in period hair and make-up. I was learning such an awful lot my head was full of new knowledge each day.


At the time I wouldn’t have said advanced hair because it was so hard, but looking back I think it was the highlight.


What would you say to any prospective Delamar students?


Make the most of it here, you must give everything to the course and it will give you so much back.


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