Start strong – how to get the most out of a new course at Delamar

Start strong – how to get the most out of a new course at Delamar

Monday is the start of a fresh new year at Delamar Academy. We have a large intake of students starting on the 1 year Cert HE Professional Make-up Design Course. This is the most intensive course we offer, with every student being tutored full-time, professionally coached and supported with the aim of entering the make-up industry. There has never been a better time to become a make-up artist, the film, TV, fashion, theatre and commercial media world is booming. We take great pride in doing everything we can to supply the industry with well-rounded make-up artists.


We want to see the following 10 things from our students:


1. Teamwork – be a team player with your class. Share tasks, be nice to your model, and be a nice person when modelling. Help others out with product clean up. Take on responsibilities, put your hand up to volunteer. The best make-up artists work very well with other people, so keep this in mind, as the classroom is no different.


2. Professionalism – So you’ve paid for a top make-up course and some of you will think this entitles you to behave like you have paid to do a wine tasting tour of Spain. Yes, training here is fun, but we expect a good work ethic. You are here to become the best possible make-up artists imaginable; you are here to become BAFTA winners, Oscar winners, Vogue cover artists, celebrity artists, and Theatre artists. Your make-up career does not start when you graduate, it starts on your first day here. We are constantly looking for potential, excited by it, to nurture you and develop your skills to the point where we can send you work opportunities. Bring your A-game.


3. Clean up after yourselves – messy stations after class must be cleaned up. You cannot leave classrooms in a state. Many students do and it makes us question whether they would be suitable as a trainee on a film.


4. Be on time/ have good time keeping. Simple concept, thwarted by traffic, tube delays, family dramas children and other miscellaneous hindrances. The simple solution? Leave earlier than you need to. On a job, it won’t matter what the reason is, being late is unacceptable for a make-up artist. We are understanding of life, but make a note of those who are regularly late.


5. Do not worry if you are not brilliant at everything. Even if you have a professional background in hair or make-up, many students put pressure on themselves to be the best in the class. This is where you can make your mistakes to learn from. Our tutors are especially patient, with the understanding that what we teach here is challenging; very few people are excellent straight away. Relax and enjoy the learning process.


6. Take constructive feedback well – Criticism and negative feedback is important for progress. You have to see the good and bad in your work, you also have to accept critique gracefully.


7. Respect the tutors, staff and your fellow classmates – This should be self explanatory, but every year we have to remind students about this. No texting or phone calls in class, no eating in class, no rude language etc.


8. Enjoy yourself! This is such a fun course; you must enjoy the whole hands-on process of learning. Mould making, body painting, Hollywood hair, fashion make-up are all so much fun.


9. Be mindful of your behaviour – How you come across to the tutors and staff is highly indicative of how you will be perceived in the industry. If you are helpful, kind and positive to be around, this bodes so well for future work.


10. Make yourself known to everyone here – sometimes we have students that scuttle off at the end of the day, rarely chat to the tutors and are difficult to remember. This does not mean you should be doing cartwheels through the corridors, but say hello to everyone!


We are still taking enrolments for 2022 and 2023 - start your career at the busiest time in the industry
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