How to send an invoice

How to send an invoice

This is not the most thrilling of blog posts, but after receiving a few invoices with bank details missing… we realised, it is time to address the topic.


For many new graduates, this will be a new task. Admin for the self-employed is a really important skillset. It’s a great idea to keep a note of who you need to invoice and if possible, send it right after doing the job. Feel free to copy and paste this template below, download a Google doc template, or ask a friend to send you an invoice.



Sarah Jones Make-up Invoice 


Invoice number: VictoriasSecret001 (this is a sort of reference number they record and you can quote. Add zeros at the beginning to be ambitious – for future work you see. The next job would be reference VictoriasSecret002 etc). 

Client: Add the client’s name and address

Name: Sarah Jones

1 London
(Obviously here you put your full address)

Telephone Number: your number

Email: Your email

Bank: Your bank (Natwest, Lloyds, Metro, Barclays etc)

Sort Code: Your sort code 

Account Number: Your account number 

Details of work: Summarise the job and include your hours 

1 Victoria’s Secret runway show make-up services. 5th December 2017, 9am – 10pm at £500 per show


Total Payable: £500


And that is it. Probably not the slickest invoice but it gets the job done and please avoid Comic Sans if you want to look professional. Put it in an email titled ‘invoice’, or save as a PDF and attach it to an email. Then write ‘Dear Sir/Madam/Name of person if you know it, I hope you are well, please find attached the invoice for work completed 5th December 2017.’ Send it between 9-5 pm on a weekday so it doesn’t get lost and make sure you know when it’s meant to be paid as you might need to chase it.

Make sure you keep a log of the payments received against the payments owed. This is easy to check as the invoice number is a reference used for the payment in your bank account.

It’s important to put these invoices in an “invoiced” and a “paid” folder.  You can either do this digitally or with an actual hard folder, preferably both (in case your computer dies).

We hope this helps you lot out!

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