Delamar Academy’s Fenty Beauty Masterclass 2.0

Delamar Academy’s Fenty Beauty Masterclass 2.0

Last year, Delamar Academy was the first make-up school to receive an exclusive master class from the biggest of new beauty brand launches, Fenty Beauty. Almost exactly one year later the pro-artist team returned to deliver an excellent master class on not only the brand, but also specific advice for make-up on much darker skin tones. We were treated to demonstrations of the updated “2.0 Fenty Face” make-up looks and enjoyed passing around all the products. It was make-up junkie heaven.  

Riri drops a new product every month for the brand, it’s shrouded in secrecy, and not even the make-up team know what’s coming next. The newest products were the Stunna Lip Paint in an array of colours and the Fenty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealers, all 50 shades! We were really impressed with the different tones, and for a matte-finish, it was so incredibly soft and emollient on the skin.

This enjoyable evening was made ‘extra’ special by a complimentary goody bag for each guest, including a Candy Venom lipstick, exclusive mirror compact and a make-up bag. Delamar Academy students are a spoilt bunch! As a school we really love this brand as the Fenty Beauty products are in the Delamar Advanced Fashion kit, and a big hit with the students for shoots.


Deborah and Sahar gave us an excellent presentation all about the brand values, cruelty free status and process Rihanna went through to develop the products before lots of passing around and swatching of dazzling highlighters. We were pleased to learn that this brand is founded on the ethos of inclusion for all skin tones. Many high-end brands now have a wider shade range, but cannot compete with the 50 shades of foundation, not even Bobbi Brown or NARS! Interestingly, this brand is a complexion-focused collection with no mascara or brow products! (yet).





The formulas and packaging are very impressive, especially for such reasonable price-points. This is a brand good enough for make-up artists and ordinary women alike. We learnt that KENDO is the innovative brand incubator behind Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs Beauty, BITE and now Fenty Beauty. Before joining the brand, the high-level secrecy and NDA’s that Sahar and Deborah had to sign, were extensive.


Being only 22 years old, Sahar impressed the students with her CV of being self-taught and having worked on pieces featured in Vogue Italia, working on the X Factor with Delamar Tutor Sarah Exley and having assisted Priscilla Ono, (Rhianna’s personal make-up artist) on a Fenty Beauty campaign shoot.


We learnt about how dark black skin is often overly colour corrected, and just finding the exact right shade of foundation is key when working with darker skins. The beauty industry has not traditionally catered for such a wide range of skin tones as Fenty Beauty, so it is about time that every possible customer has access to their shade of foundation. We also learnt that while darker skin tends to hold less water andis more likely to feel dehydrated, there could be more oiliness, so techniques like powdering BEFORE foundation, can work magically to create a veil of texture for the foundation to cling to, rather than slide-off. Both Sahar and Deborah expressed their personal views on primer, the verdict being that most primers are best for an oilier skin and act more like a barrier on dryer skin.


These make-up transformations were really something and we loved the modern finish on the skin, with multi dimensional colour and shine. This is not a style for someone trying the “no make-up make-up” look, yet the make-up was natural looking all the same.


Thank you to our models Kalia and Jade, Fenty Beauty HQ, Sahar and Deborah! Our students were buzzing all evening and were delighted with their gifts.



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