Anyone can be a “make-up artist” on social media, so why train at a make-up school?

Anyone can be a “make-up artist” on social media, so why train at a make-up school?

The accessibility and sharing of information in today’s world has changed the way we can all acquire new skills and indeed all become experts in fields that only a few years ago were far from reach.

With a quick search and click of a button we can learn how to change a car tyre, build a mobile app, make a dress or become a perfect dumpling pro!

One of the most popular YouTube searches has been the phenomenon of ‘make-up tutorials’. Influencers have made millions teaching us all how to create everything from perfect winged liners and smokey eyes to a Halloween death mask. Indeed many of these YouTube make-up artists have been self-trained and can now confidently call themselves Professional Make-up Artists. We have written a detailed blog post on self taught vs trained make-up artists. This post specifically looks at the impact of social media on make-up artist careers. 

So, the question is, why train at a professional Academy when everything can be learnt from the comfort of your own home for free? Well, here at Delamar, from decades experience of following many make-up artists’ journeys in the industry we believe there are some things that just cannot be conveyed from a video of a stranger applying make-up to their own faces. Here are some things to consider…



Professional feedback 

  • Watching and copying a make-up technique repeatedly can improve your skills, but nothing beats having personal feedback from an industry professional on how you can specifically improve or develop your skills.


Diverse models

  • Most tutorials show the artist applying make-up to their own faces. Their own face that they have been making up for years, and know every crevasse, freckle, ridge and natural contour of their own face. But can they do this on another person? Training to be a professional you need to know how to work across a range of face shapes and skin tones. 


Standing out 

  • The popularity of contouring, highlight and Instagram make-ups is everywhere. Anyone can do it, and, frankly, what’s so special about it now? To stand out in high fashion for publications like Vogue, ID Magazine and Numero, a cut crease just won’t cut it 😉 Professional make-up artists need to specialise in perfect skin, high levels of creativity, editorial make-up and also know their historical references. Educating yourself in period make-up, special effects and character will really make you stand out from the swarm of Insta make-up artists out there. 


The Media Industry 

  • If you would like to work on private clients and event make-ups, YouTube is a place to get your training – it is inexpensive and will provide you with some of what you need to know. However, when working in TV, film or theatre, you need to know what you are doing and there is rarely room for error when working on a multi – million pound production. Understanding how make-up looks under different lighting effects, keeping up with continuity, interpreting a character from the script and bringing it to life is all essential. The only way you can learn this is from industry experts with years of professional experience. This is why at Delamar all our tutors are freelancers who are active in the industry and none are full-time teachers. 


Getting work 

  • Your favourite social media artist based thousands of miles away on another continent is not going to get you your first gig in the industry. You may choose to start making your own videos and aspire to gain the same fame and recognition your online hero has, but for them to get to that stage has not happened overnight. Believe us, it’s a long game and the competition is fierce. Attending a reputable Academy with a wealth of contacts, support and advice is crucial when starting out in the industry. At Delamar we pride ourselves on providing an aftercare service second to none. We want all our graduates to excel in their careers and make their mark by working on the best productions shooting today and in years to come. Professional training is vital and educating students in current and specialised skills is a priority for us, but equally as important is making sure these skills can be used professionally on real jobs. A perfectly contoured face on the screen of your smart phone might show you how to get your brows ‘on fleek’, but it will not get you a job in the industry. 


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