Anja Bont – 10 days of red carpet make-up work at Cannes Film Festival

Anja Bont – 10 days of red carpet make-up work at Cannes Film Festival

Every now and then opportunities come along – so big and so amazing that we squeal with delight here at Delamar. The Delamar agency were asked for two fashion graduates to assist on a By Terry campaign. This was shot by industry acclaimed photographers, Sandrine Dulermo and Michael Labica. We work with this photography duo every year for our 1 Year Advanced Fashion students. When they are not working with us 😉 Micheal and Sandrine shoot for A-List celebrities, De Beers, Space NK, Wonderland, Italian Vogue magazine and many more big names. You can see their work here.  On their request sent two wonderful graduates to work with Creative Director of By Terry, top fashion Make-up Artist Albane Laloy. 


Both Charmaine and Anja did brilliantly and we received the nicest email from Albane, letting us know how good they were. We knew they would impress! What we didn’t know was the opportunity of a lifetime was just around the corner for one of these graduates. Both girls were fantastic, Albane could not fault them but since Anja speaks fluent french she was invited to work at Cannes Film Festival for 10 days with Chopard a Swiss Jewellery brand, sponsoring the iconic event. Working in the most glamorous hotels and getting people red carpet ready, Anja had the following to say about the experience: 


So about Cannes. 
Cannes has definitely been a career highlight so far. I used to live there 6 years ago and visited the festival as a guest. This time I was back  –  as a makeup artist! The whole 10 days was surreal. The whole experience gave me a strong feeling that I am doing the right thing with my career. I felt so happy and enjoyed every minute providing glam for the clients of Chopard. I usually do a lot of fashion work or much more natural make-up for commercial clients and e-commerce brands, so it was really nice to do red carpet make-up! 
It was fantastic to work with By Terry and their head of artistry, Albane. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me this opportunity. The days were long and we worked really hard – but that’s exactly how I love it! I enjoyed going home each day tired but with a smile. 
Diana Wang, who is a Chinese Designer that sells now in Harrods was one of my regular clients through out the film festival. I loved working with her as she always came back to me and I got to understand how she liked her make-up. The first time doing someones make-up is always finding out how much of what they like on their face. And then the 2nd job is already more relaxed and they just trust you. I had a few of these clients that came back several times. The building of a relationship with a client is also one of the reasons why I love my job so much! I love all my clients, especially hearing about their life, stories and how they got to where they are now.
My Cannes highlight was when I got to work in the room of Russian Figure Skating champion, Tatiana Navka to get her ready for the red carpet. We had 20 minutes to do hair and makeup – at the same time! These experiences are amazing – they are not how we expect them to be at all. I thought we would get at least 1 hour for a makeup! I remember walking out of her hotel,  with my hand covered in makeup, feeling so exhausted because I had already worked for 6 hours. I was the happiest ever. 
Tatiana Navka attends the screening of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” during the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 15, 2018 in Cannes, France.

We are so proud of Anja’s career progression and caught up with Albane to plan a By Terry masterclass (coming very soon!).  Albane couldn’t have said nicer things about Anja’s work. We got the full feedback:

Anja proved herself in a very short space of time, I understood that after 1-2 hours she would be amazing for 2 weeks in Cannes. Make-up wise Cannes is a big challenge for any brand or make-up artist. There is a lot of beauty make-up on the red carpet. I was like ‘OK Anja you can really go for it!’. Everyone needed to be photographed on the red carpet, they needed to look beautiful under the flash bulbs. 
Anja’s has a great attitude because she listens, is never negative, early every day and worked for 10 days without a break. You have to be strong to do this, to keep the right attitude and a smile even when you are exhausted. We were right by the sea, in a lovely hotel with everything looked after, therefore it had its perks but the job was tough. 
The big hair and make-up team stayed together from 9am – 8pm every day, so after 3-4 days it’s like a family. Anja left emotional with a whole experience, it felt like this job meant so much to her and it is a great one for the CV.



Well done Anja and thank you to Chopard, By Terry, Albane, Michael and Sandrine for all collectively making dreams come true! It goes to show how one job through the Delamar Agency can change everything. You can find out all about our courses here. Anja graduates last year from the Advanced Complete Make-up Artist Course. 




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