The Studio Sangeet Masterclass II – Blood Rigs

The Studio Sangeet Masterclass II – Blood Rigs

This is the first Masterclass in the history of Delamar Academy where there were tears and complaints from students who did not get a place. We emailed Sangeet with this information and he was “wow, speechless”… No pressure then!

Sangeet Prabhaker is a top industry name in prosthetics and special effects make-up. A pioneering artisan with a self taught background and obsession with mould making, Sangeet has crafted many of his own techniques. We have written in detail about his last masterclass here – where Sangeet talked openly about the niche world of prosthetics interspersed with his personal experiences and views about the industry. Exuding a cool, unschooled and anti-establishment attitude, Sangeet believes the real graft to becoming a successful prosthetics artist lies in self-perseverance over formal school training. We like to think both play an important part but have a lot of respect for self-taught artists and have written about the difference between training and self-teaching here. On coming to Delamar, Sangeet explained to us:


I love to share knowledge and would hope to be able to give these masterclasses in schools all over the world one day! Delamar has a fantastic history and prestige, and it’s a pleasure to be able to walk alongside you on my journey.  


From a career point of view, I would rather divide my time between the commercial work that I do and use “off” time to develop new techniques, prepare future demos and make videos and products available to everyone. I’m an autodidact and I suppose I’m helping create the environment that I would have wanted as a young person first getting into Special FX makeup.

We were so impressed with the first impromptu masterclass, we had to invite Sangeet back for a full-blown evening affair with gory cupcakes and blood-coloured prosecco. The feature of this masterclass was a theatrical blood rig demonstration, inspired by his work on many productions such as Game Of Thrones. Sangeet created and applied blood rigs working with former Delamar Tutor and highly respected prosthetics designer, Connor O’Sullivan. Here is the Red Wedding scene in Game Of Thrones featuring their work: 



Blood rigs are tubing and bladder systems within the prosthetic make-up that allow for a realistic bleeding effect from an open wound. Every situation from a knife wound, bullet hole or decapitation will rely on blood rigs to pump (fake) blood out of the wound. The plumbing of the blood rig is cleverly hidden on the actor and is a stressful one-shot opportunity when filming. Unsuccessful blood rigs can ruin costumes, cause bloody leaking under the prosthetic make-up which often results in pieces falling off. It’s a high pressure (pun intended) task for any make-up artist… especially Sangeet when he helped create and apply this blood rig on Brad Pitt for Ridley Scott’s film, The Councillor:



Sangeet’s tips were received by a silent room scribbling down notes and filming on their phones. Three top tips for a successful blood rig:

  • Fine layers are key to reducing the risk of air bubbles in your silicone piece, which in turn reduces the risk of bleeding under the piece.
  • Internal painting within the piece rather than painting on top of a blood rig will mean intact protected colour. A beautiful wound paint-job can easily be eroded by blood or other elements like rain when filming. Pinky flesh wounds don’t wash off!
  • Astringent toner on the skin followed by Sweat Stop to keep the piece firmly in place. Blood rigs contain pressurized tubing that increases the risk of pieces coming away from the skin. Prep your actor’s skin like Joe Wicks preps his meals.

Of course, the front row of the masterclass got covered in blood! Hysterical laughter and lots of mess made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. It’s worth noting that the litres of fake blood we have at here at Delamar were kindly donated by Sian Grigg – Leonardo Di Caprio’s personal make-up artist who had a lot of left-over blood when she had finished filming The Revenant. 

Since he is now part of the #DelamarFamily we lovingly bestowed upon Sangeet, a Delamar Academy set bag, hoodie and a copy of The Complete Make-up Artist textbook (insert link). On the evening, we found out that he has been taking the time to email back our students aka his fans, with generous advice and CV reviews. 

Until the next gory masterclass, thank you Sangeet! Thank you to Lori, Sangeet’s assistant and softly spoken but menacing model, Nick Laybourne Zebiri. Thank you to Delamar assistants Lottie Roberts and Joanna Masiewicz.

To watch Sangeet in action, head over to his new YouTube channel: 



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