The Professional Career Development Loan will only be available for a very limited time

The Professional Career Development Loan will only be available for a very limited time

The Professional Career Development Loan – a government-backed loan available through the Co-op bank. This is a private loan that many of our graduates have used to help fund their training at Delamar. Sadly this loan will no longer be available, with the last date anyone can apply for a PCDL loan is on 25thJanuary 2019.


What does this mean for current students?


If you have a PCDL loan, you will continue to receive a full service from the bank, until your loan is repaid.


What does this mean for confirmed future students?


If you have had a loan approved, your service and payments will be exactly the same.


What does this mean for prospective future students?


If you are considering a course at Delamar and would like to use a PCDL to help fund it, you will have to apply before 25thJanuary 2019. After this date, this specific funding will no longer be available to you. This also means your available start-date to join a course, will be March 2019, no later. It is not possible to take out a PCDL loan earlier than 8 weeks, before a course you intend to do.


The good news


There has never been a better excuse to bring forward your plans to train at Delamar, if you were planning to use a PDCL loan.


You can still use the PCDL for our August Complete Make-up Artist and Advanced Complete Make-up Artist courses.  You can also use the PCDL for our January Advanced Complete Make-up Artist and Complete Make-up Artist courses. NOW, you can also use it for our courses starting on 19thMarch 2019, as we have moved the course date forward to accommodate people who wish to make use of the PCDL.


The bad news


PCDL loans will no longer be available for courses starting after 24th March 2019.


The solution


As a response to this, Delamar has decided to bring forward the spring course to accommodate those wishing to utilise the loan.  You can now There are other funding options available. You can find out more about funding on our page here.  It is worth understanding how banks and other finance providers offer competitive loans that essentially can fulfil the same role for future students.  Delamar Academy does not endorse, recommend or promote any specific loan provider, but we understand there is a large market of loans regulated by the FCA, many of which will have similar interest rates, amounts and repayment periods.



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