Noctis Magazine Editorial with Delamar’s Advanced Fashion students

Noctis Magazine Editorial with Delamar’s Advanced Fashion students

We strive to provide industry experience for our students. Our tutors are the best working professionals in their fields. We have been flexing our black book of contacts to collaborate on some super cool work, above and beyond the usual expectations from a make-up school. This shoot with Noctis Magazine was the real deal. As part of our advanced fashion course, the students always get a photoshoot at the end of their course to assess their skills and provide portfolio images. It made perfect sense to partner up with a fashion-forward original content magazine concerned with fashion music and art. Noctis Magazine boasts a global reach and a vast readership of cultural enthusiasts, trendsetters and influencers alike.

Definition: Noctis (Latin for “of night”) is a computer space flight simulator featuring first-person visual exploration of an imaginary galaxy. The player is manifested in Noctis as the pilot of spacecraft called a Stardrifter, capable of instantaneous interstellar travel.

There is something cooler and pioneering about the small fashion-forward magazines like Noctis, Wonderland, Paper and Hunger; they push the envelope harder and their editorial stories have more freedom than say, British Vogue could ever print. 

Leoni Blue, Editor in Chief of Noctis, came into Delamar Academy for a creative meeting about this editorial feature. After working with a recent graduate of ours, Roseanna Hackett, Leoni was confident with the standards and skillset drilled into our students. We discussed everything from styling, models, camera angles and of course, make-up. 

The shoot day was a big success. Milk and Models1 provided stunning girls. Sophie the Fashion Director of Noctis styled the models and we had a very enjoyable, creative day. Zec Luhana is our film maker and member of the #DelamarFamily. Here is his film of the day: 






Model: Audrey, Milk, MUA: Mara

Model: Katherine Models1, MUA: Payal

Model: Portia Okotcha, Milk, MUA: Laurie 

Model: Bonnie Bond, Models1, MUA: Swati

Model: Amee, Milk, MUA: Midhat

Model: Ariella, Models1, MUA: Molly

Model: Audrey, Milk, MUA: Mara

Team Noctis: 

Styling: Sophie Monroe

Photography: Leoni Blue

Photography Assistant: Connor 

Features Editor: Jodie 

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