Nishi Manek – Why I left Mumbai to train at Delamar Academy

Nishi Manek – Why I left Mumbai to train at Delamar Academy

Nishi Manek tells us in her own words about her decision to leave home in Mumbai for the first time and her experience training here in London at Delamar Academy.


3 years ago I took a short course at Marvie Ann Beck make-up school in Mumbai, to study bridal and beauty make-up. Marvie spoke fondly about Delamar Academy, the place where she trained. Like Namrata Soni, many of the best make-up artists in India were trained at Delamar Academy in London so this is where I needed to go. My family were really supportive about this career move as it is a strong time for women to enter the make-up industry in India. With Delamar Academy training, nothing will stop me!


I am 24 years old and became passionate about make-up at my cousin’s wedding where I did the make-up for my whole family. The feeling of pride and satisfaction made me realise this was the only career path for me. After my initial short training at Marvie Ann Beck, I worked for a while at events and weddings but felt that I needed to learn more. My dad was the big driving force for me to reach out to Delamar, and last summer I emailed Monika about a place on the course. It seems silly but I wanted to come to Delamar so much, just sending that initial email made me feel sick to my stomach with nerves and excitement.


The morning I woke up to leave Mumbai was the most exciting day of my life. I threw the sheets off my bed and leapt up in a wobbly state of manic elation and anxiety. “I’m going! I’m going!! I’m going!!” I remember shouting to everyone at home. I had not left home before now or travelled further than Dubai without my family. London was going to be such a big change, but I had a fire in my belly and an obsession with make-up that would be fed for 16 weeks. I chose to study the Complete Make-up Artist Course, you can read more about this here. 

Starting at Delamar exceeded my high expectations. I’ve already learnt more in the last few weeks than I had anticipated. Tutors Ali Reith, Catherine Scoble and Niamh Morrison have worked on the biggest films, bringing all their skills and experience into the classroom. So many different techniques and tips to take in! On Basic Prosthetics I relished each day from designing my piece to making a mould and sculpting then painting my work. The whole process was fascinating.

I am already sad at the thought of leaving Delamar so have extended my course by 4 weeks to train in advanced fashion with tutor Joanne Byrne. When I return to India I will be applying to assist the likes of Namrata Soni and Bianca Louzado – another Delamar Academy graduate who is hugely successful in India. There are so many Delamar Family in India. Just graduating from Delamar Academy is enough to gain access to some amazing opportunities in the Bollywood and make-up world of India.



Coming to Delamar was the best decision I’ve ever made. There is something really special about the integrity and impeccable standards here. The tutors are working in the industry with weeks free here and there to teach in the academy, usually fresh out of a film set or studio.


I feel so happy to be a member of the #DelamarFamily and proud of myself for taking the plunge to come to London.


Nishi x


We are still taking enrolments for the 16 week Complete Make-up Artist course in January. You can find out more on the course page here.

Following recent government announcements, we are pleased to have re-opened the Academy.
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