New and exciting development at our home of Ealing Studios

New and exciting development at our home of Ealing Studios

We are fortunate that Delamar Academy is on the site of the oldest working film studios in the world. Students often navigate their way past plush actors’ movie trailers and production trucks before walking through the doors of Delamar. Home to the birth of British cinema, Ealing Studios has been at the forefront of media revolution since 1902. Many of Britain’s Oscar winning productions and most ground-breaking dramas of the 20th century were shot here.  The Studios have launched the careers of a multitude of award-winning directors, writers and actors. Today, Ealing’s spirit of audacity and forward thinking is nurtured in a dynamic campus which is being re-developed for more modern content creation.


Some of the most exciting international blockbusters and TV shows of tomorrow are brought to life every day on the production stages here. Many Delamar graduates work on these productions – we often share hugs and smiles with recent graduates going to and from the make-up trucks, just metres away from where their training began. The music studios at Ealing is home to one of the most successful British producers who has worked with Beyonce and Sam Smith. The offices on site house dynamic groups of professionals and students working across a wide variety of media, content and technology.


Today, the oldest studio in the world has become an eco system of modern production and state of the art technology. The new developments will put us at the forefront of creative communities in the UK. A buzz already surrounds our make-up school and it will continue to grow with the increasing intake of students and development of our prestigious home, Ealing Studios.  The developments detailed below will provide a richer environment for us to rub shoulders with more creative businesses and film crews. 


Expanding by over 82,000 square feet, The Loft and The Core buildings will bring new businesses like production companies to the site. By the end of 2018 and with the new Cross rail service, Ealing Studios will be 11 minutes away from central London.


You can look at their new website here. 




Inside the stages: 

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