Exclusive offer for Delamar Graduates – £1000 for the 2 week Advanced Television & Film course

Exclusive offer for Delamar Graduates – £1000 for the 2 week Advanced Television & Film course

Keeping up with the times, we have revamped our courses to include a new and updated 2 week Advanced TV and Film Make-up course.  This course is such an invaluable 2 weeks for our students, who learn how to take their casualty and character skills up to an advanced level. The saving on this course for Delamar graduates (who have completed any course) is a decent discount of 40% from the original price of £1680. 

The key points in this 2 week course are: 

  • A lighting test day with top camera professional and kit: You will see your make-up on a monitor, through a camera and under the lights. This is invaluable industry experience to learn from your make-up tutor about how make-up appears on camera vs in real life. The distinction between these two view points will underpin the rationale for using different products and techniques! 
  • The lifecycle of a wound: Here you will take a fresh wound through its life from injury to scab, to a scar and everything in between. For film and TV work, this knowledge is a serious must. 
  • Script day and call sheets: A make-up designer will show you real specimens and explain how to use a script to understand the necessary make-up and hair requirements. You will also discover the importance of ‘calls sheets’ – used daily in all TV and film productions as detailed itinerary. You will understand what everything means and how to best utilise a call sheet. 
  • The business of being a make-up artist. How to send an invoice? How to set yourself up? Will you be PAYE or completely freelance? Find out everything. 
  • Apply your make-up skills in a professional context. These 2 weeks serve as the best preparation to entering the industry with lots of advanced practical classes and workshops on make-up.
  • And the incredible Zombie day! Make rotten flesh from scratch, learn how to decompose skin and make your own Walking Dead creature! 

*This exclusive offer is only available for our September 2018 intake!*

The Advanced Television & Film Make-up course will broaden your knowledge of casualty techniques, give you new ways to lend depth to your character make-up skills, and start you on the path to mastery in these areas of expertise.

Before applying for this course, we ask that you have completed the following Delamar courses or can demonstrate equivalent experience/skill:

What you will learn

Building on the skills taught in the Casualty and Character course, the 2 weeks of this intensive course explore further the building up of a character. Casualty skills are also developed — using a wide variety of products — and master classes from top industry experts ensure a thorough understanding of blood work, ageing techniques, and character work to a high standard.

Classes will revisit advanced ageing techniques using gelatine eye bags and also create larger skin aliments with a zombie project. Project work and practice in following the brief will help in combining all the techniques to produce the make-up result required.

Included are classes in understanding and following continuity, script and character breakdowns, understanding set etiquette, guidance on writing a CV and cover letter, speed tests and a lighting day with a professional cameraman with an HD camera and monitor.

If you are a Delamar Graduate, you know the drill! Get in touch and take full advantage of this excellent offer. This is great for anyone who has done the Complete Make-up Artist Course or some of our shorter courses. 

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