The Delamar Academy Graduate Exhibition 2019

The Delamar Academy Graduate Exhibition 2019

For two days each year we open our doors to the general public for the Delamar Academy Graduate Exhibition. This year’s exhibition was bigger and better than ever with all of our graduates’ boards on display, wigs in Victorian and Drag styles, prosthetic pieces, facial hair creations and even some brilliant live demonstrations. It really was a feast for the eyes.

We welcomed over 130 guests on the Friday and over 200 guests on the Saturday! Grandparents, cousins, friends, dogs and many prospective students all came in to appreciate our students’ work. Our Cert HE Professional Make-up Design students have spent a year training here, and this exhibition is their chance to show off all their new skills.

We even had guests all the way from California who had come over to London to see several key exhibitions to inspire their make-up and hair studies in the States. We have recently had the honour of feeling like a tourist attraction with a school coming last year to see what happens behind the Delamar Academy classroom doors.

Our students’ parents were keen to chat to the tutors about careers in the make-up industry. Leda had a queue at some points in the day! It was fantastic to meet the students’ families and see how incredibly supportive they all are. Make-up is an often a misunderstood career with many people outside of the industry not appreciating how much hard work goes into it and how rewarding the job can be.

Thank you to everyone who came through our doors! To have a tour of Delamar Academy, please email call +44 (0) 20 8579 9511


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