Amy Kyprianou’s life since training at Delamar Academy in April 2017

Amy Kyprianou’s life since training at Delamar Academy in April 2017

Unknown to many prospective students, April can be one of the best times to start a course here. This is simply because when you finish the course in summer, it is the busiest time in the industry for work, so we can provide maximum opportunities for graduates to work on productions shooting all over London and beyond. 


We caught up with Amy who trained last year on the April Complete make-up Artist Course.


Why did you decide to come to Delamar?



A family friend who knew a student here suggested Delamar Academy to me. They told me it was a very impressive and prestigious makeup school. I had a tour to see for myself and quickly set my heart on coming here. After doing more research, I saw how many Delamar graduates were working in the industry. Delamar Academy had the best reputation and after looking around some other make-up schools, they simply did not compare. I considered the option of a 3 year degree course in make-up, but realised I did not want to spend a long time learning theory. A lot of successful make-up artists I reached out to had recommended the school. 



Why did you decide to do the 16 week Complete Make-up Artist Course in April?


Honestly, I couldn’t afford the year course or the 22 week course, which I would have loved to do. With my background in musical theatre and acting, I had always loved make-up. I was always doing the make-up for productions and my friends, as a self-taught make-up artist. As it happened, The Complete Makeup Artist course was the most affordable for me, and it still covered everything I could wish to do. I didn’t come here with a specific area of the industry I wanted to enter. My mind was open to train in lots of different areas, which the Comeplete Make-up Artist Course taught me – from facial hair to fashion and even prosthetics.


How did the expectation vs reality?


Delamar completely exceeded my expectations – mostly because of the tutors put so much into my course. I was given some invaluable industry advice that will stick with me for the rest of my career. The tutors that teach here are such a big deal in the industry, this makes Delamar so special. They are masters of their craft and help us learn everything with this top professional advice. This is what sets apart Delamar from other make-up schools or even universities with make-up courses. 


Any surprises?


A lot of hair! 6 weeks of hair came at the end of the course and I was a little thrown by this because I had no hair experience and hair is hard – now I can happily go to jobs and just do hair styling with confidence and enjoyment. Hair skills are an essential for the film and TV industry. You cannot be just a make-up artist on a period drama series for example, you need to create the whole actor’s look. This was a surprise to someone who came on the course to learn make-up, 


What would you say to someone considering the 16-week April course? 


Do it! It’s the best decision I ever made. Remember to take thorough notes, go at the course it with an open mind and try your best at everything. I had no idea how much I would love all aspects of the course. 


What challenged you the most? 


Prosthetics – because at each stage of the process, it can go so wrong. My heart was in my mouth the whole time. I was so nervous painting my piece because of air bubbles. If you know, you know! 


Since finishing your course, how has Delamar helped you find work?



I have been put forward for trainee positions on BBC productions, which I then created further contacts and opportunities from. Because of Delamar’s agency, I have worked with BAFTA winning designer and Delamar tutor, Catherine Scoble on Luther. I got to help de-rig Idris Elba’s make-up after a day of shooting. It was the best day of my life. He shook my hand and was very friendly! I have worked in the crowd room with Rachel Buxton, who is the Crowd supervisor of BBC production, Killing Eve. Delamar have provided me with some fashion test shoot work, and put me in touch with some film schools where I started to develop my set experience and etiquette, which has helped me so much on the BBC productions.

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