10 things you need to know before going to IMATS

10 things you need to know before going to IMATS

IMATS London 2018 is fast approaching! Check out our top 10 things you need to know before you go!

1. Buy a ticket for pro day.

If you can, get a Ticket for Friday’s Pro Artist day. Attending on the Friday means you get first access to all the great discounted products and latest product releases, many of which sell out quickly over the 3 day event. The trade show also showcases a spectacular array of free talks and demonstrations, led by the industry’s top professionals. On the Friday there is an exclusive talk from David Malinowski – straight from the Oscars, he will be talking about working on Darkest Hour and how he transformed Gary Oldman into Winston Churchill.

2. Wear something comfortable.

Of course, you’re at a make-up event and you want to look your best, but keep it comfortable. This doesn’t mean you have to wear your gym gear and walking shoes – just don’t wear high heels! You’re going to spend the entire day walking around with the exception of maybe sitting down briefly to inhale a quick snack or watch one of the sessions. There’s a good chance you’ll be on your feet for about 8 hours, so dress accordingly. DO wear nice make-up just don’t go crazy. (Read out top-tips for a make-up artist wardrobe here) 

We don’t recommend heavy jackets – even if it’s a bit chilly outside – because you’re going to get stuck carrying it around all day, on top of all your make-up purchases. Once you’re inside and surrounded by thousands of people you’ll warm up quickly.

3. Make a game plan.

Make sure you plan your day around the guest speakers and live demonstrations. Do your research, pick your top talks and schedule your day around the demos. Yes, the discounts and products are a big pull to the event, but any seasoned makeup artist knows the live demos are second to none. This year we suggest making time for David Malinowski, Surreal Makeup Illusions with Mimi Choi and of course seeing Delamar grads Brian Kinney, Jane Richardson and Sarah Jagger.

4. There will be a major queue.

Accept this fact. Unless you have an exhibitor pass or are best friends with the manager of Kat Von D, you will have to do some very British queuing. If you are hanging out with friends it won’t be a big deal.

5. Have your ID and ticket ready!

To avoid any technical issues, go ahead and print your ticket before you arrive. This way, you won’t have to worry if your phone decides to crash or they have any issues with your ticket at the door. Just print it! And when you arrive, go ahead and have your ID ready. They will check to make sure your ticket and ID match right when you make it inside.

6. Use the floor plan.

There is a floor plan on the IMATS website. Use the floor plan to divide and conquer all you want to see/buy. They will also give you one once you’re checked in at registration. It doesn’t seem like you’d need one to get around, but trust us – you do!

7. Bring cash AND cards.

It’s never fun when you arrive to a booth just to find out their card machine isn’t working. Sometimes, it’s also easier to hand over cash at a booth and be able to step out of the queue instead of waiting, so go ahead and take cash and card just to be safe. “Take my money thank you byeeee”.

8. How much money should I bring?

Good question. There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s so much to do at IMATS other than just shop, so some people can spend little on products but benefit more from the overall experience. If you’re going primarily to shop, save up at least a few hundred pounds. If you have pro cards with the big brands, you might find they offer between 40% – 50% on the Friday, so take full advantage. Don’t go crazy though, it is so easy to get carried away.

Also – worthwhile side note, if you are established in the industry – always ask yourself the question before buying anything “Do I know a PR who can gift me this product for my kit?” if the answer is yes, don’t splurge.

9. Be smart about which queues you spend time in.

Some lines, like the Morphe or Kat Von D line, can go on for 2+ hours at times. Even though their items are discounted, is it really worth spending 2 hours waiting in line? Probably not.

Also, keep in mind that not all makeup is discounted at IMATS. While the majority of things are discounted, you’ll find a booth here and there who have select items at regular price. So, check out which items you’re looking to purchase and don’t spend time queuing for a full-priced product.

10. Learn something and make a few friends!

Maybe not everyone in your life gets your passion (borderline obsession) with make-up. Perhaps your family are tired of you going on and on about Illustrators latest refill palettes (if you know, you know). At least at IMATS, everyone is on the same page! It’s one of the rare occasions in the make-up calendar where every single person present is equally passionate and dedicated to the industry. So make the most of it! Strike up a conversation with a stranger, network, exchange insta details, snap away and debate passionately about brow trends!

There you have it! – our top 10 guide to IMATS London 2018! – and don’t worry about getting the post show blues, we have our very own Exhibtion taking place just a couple weeks later on the 8th and 9th June. Check out our events page for more information. 

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