Do we offer work experience for our students and graduates? – This is one of the most common questions we get asked. The simple answer is, yes.

At the academy we have a fantastic agency run by Jacqui who work continuously with film makers, fashion designers, photographers and a variety of productions to find them make-up artists. Although we cannot guarantee work (because we don’t know what film, TV, theatre or fashion opportunities will be available at any given time) we regularly find ourselves overwhelmed with the volume of requests for make-up artists. Through our reputation and network of alumni, tutors and production companies, we are often able to find graduates work at all stages of their career.

So how does it work? Students are offered a one on one appointment with Leda, the course leader, at the end of their course. During this chat Leda can guide them as how to best get into their chosen area of interest, whether it be theatre, fashion, TV, film or special effects. Once graduated, typically, most students work their way up starting with working on student films and amateur productions. We are fortunate enough to have the Met Film School located on site at the Ealing Studios with us. Together the students and graduates gain experience of how it is to work in a professional environment and learn from their involvement.

The journey of work for each of our students is varied and like with most things in life, much is down to being in the right place at the right time with a sprinkle of good fortune! We are incredibly grateful to everyone who welcomes our graduates onto their projects and are so happy we can support our alumni in such pivotal times in their careers. 

You can read over what our graduates have been up to in our ‘Graduate Updates’ blog series by clicking here.

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