Interesting Inventions…is this the future of make-up?

Would you like to create your own make-up products at home?  Well…in the not so distant future you could very well be!!  There has been an exciting invention introduced to the world this week which will allegedly ‘change the make-up industry forever.’

Harvard Business Student, Grace Choi has developed a 3D Make-Up Printer named ‘Mink’ which can be used at home.  Choi’s invention was based on one important factor and that is ‘colour’.  She had noticed that consumers were forced to spend more if they wanted unique colours for make up products…“The make-up industry…charges a huge premium on something that tec provides for free.”  The printer can print out eye shadow, blush and lip colours and can copy the exact colour codes used by all the leading beauty brands.  The printer uses the same base ingredients that are found in all make-up products – both high and low-end. Grace demonstrated how easy the printer was to use at the launch in NY, all you have to do is find the colour you want, take the colour code and print the make-up in the same shade. She printed off an eyeshadow and then brushed the colour on her hand to prove her invention really does work!!  The printer is set to retail around $300 in the US although a release date has not yet been set…one thing is for sure it will not be long before it is on our shelves.

‘Mink’ has the potential to revolutionize the make-up industry, it will be interesting to see how successful the printer will be…watch this space!

Click on this link to take a look at the video to see how the printer works.

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