Richard Redlefsen’s Prosthetics Masterclass

Richard Redlefsen’s Prosthetics Masterclass

We were very grateful to top professional make-up shop, The Make-up Armoury, who thrust Richard Redlefsen into our events calendar with a simple enquiry – “Richard is working with us and has some free time this week – would you like him to do a masterclass for the students?” Well yes, yes please! Alice from the Make-up Armoury, we thank you. The guest-list filled up fast, mainly with our Advanced Prosthetics students, who were all thrilled to attend.

Richard Redlefsen is a well-known, established make-up artist, highly respected for his work in prosthetics and special effects. He has worked on a plethora of brilliant productions including Pirates Of The Caribbean, Star Trek, Batman v Superman , Twin Peaks and CSI.


Richard’s career journey was an inspiring lesson in perseverance and passion, from the Lancome counter to where he is today. Richard spoke about the constant task of finding work and how choosing the right work is a challenge all good make-up artists will come to know. His advice to our students was simple yet effective:


“Turn up early, stay late, clean up and be very helpful.”


We are always giving many variations of this message to our students, as making a good impression need not be difficult. Displays of conscientiousness and common sense go a long way  at the beginning of your make-up career.

Richard’s practical masterclass was in the application of silicone prosthetic pieces – he created a swollen lip and eye using PPI products, producing a stunningly realistic, heavily injured face, with lots of blood. Not for the faint of heart!

We learnt about smoothing edges until they are undetectable, the different qualities of paper mache and foam prosthetics, adhesives and thinners, plus how to put your actor/model at ease, with regard to all the products used on their face. Richard made it look so easy, he recommended not rushing the process of sticking the pieces on, and that liberal use of adhesive is important.


A big thank you to Alice from The Makeup Armoury, Richard Redlefsen and our own student Joanna Masiewicz for helping clean up, unrequested.

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