Advanced Hair

Advanced Hair

Post-lockdown, the industry is booming and our Advanced Hair graduates from 2021 are all working in theatre, film & TV. Every single one. On the back of this, we are very much looking forward to helping our next intake of Advanced Hair graduates, enjoy this unprecedented time (in a good way, for once) to be working in the industry. 

The job opportunities this course leads to are some of the most successful of any course we teach here at Delamar Academy. We have dozens of very recent graduates currently working in the film, TV and theatre industries. Therefore, due to word of mouth this unique course is famous in the film, TV and theatre industries. Its reputation has spread far and wide, with students travelling from all over the world to complete it. The 6-week course has been designed by top industry hairdressers to cover all aspects of contemporary and period techniques, for artists who want to work in the film, TV or theatre industries. 

The final week includes a photoshoot with a professional photographer to produce high quality photos of your work to add to your portfolio.

As a prerequisite for the course, you must have taken the Period Wigs and Contemporary Hair courses with us at Delamar OR be able to provide us with evidence of sufficient hair skills.

What you will learn

You will learn how to set real hair lace wigs (as used in the industry) into the key period styles — Edwardian, Early and Late Victorian, 1920s fingerwaves, 1930s, 1940s, and the fundamental techniques to approach all hairstyles, both contemporary and historical.

Skills such as how to make a hair cage and create a hairstyle around it, how to use padding, switches and pieces, and how to set, steam and dress acrylic wigs are invaluable for working in the industry.

You will also be taught how to style men’s hair with tonging and barrel curls, and how to set flunkie wigs and dress them out.

You will learn how to properly research historical periods and collate appropriate reference material from which to create the hairstyles.

Tips and tricks such as how to make a wig fit the head when it has not been specially made for the actor, how to blend the actor’s hairline into the wig, and how to understand hair continuity are just a few of the elements which also set this hair course apart from any other.

Who will be teaching it

The major appeal of this course stems from the tutors who have designed and delivered the classes for over 5 years. These tutors are artists who are so well known and respected in the industry that our students often find themselves being hired as a result of their recommendation: 


Laura Solari 


Course Leader Laura, is passionate about Delamar, nurturing our students before placing many of them in the industry on big feature films. As an excellent period hair dresser and regular crowd supervisor on films, she is known for her high technical standards. Laura has been working for over 25 years with both hair and make-up starting in the West End on shows such as Oliver, Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins and the Royal Opera House. Ten years ago Laura moved into television and feature films, her credits include Mary Queen of Scotts, The Nutcracker, Rocketman, Tom & Jerry, Strictly Come Dancing, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Anna Karenina, X Men First Class, Captain America, Star Wars, Assassins Creed, Beauty and the Beast and Lost in London as crowd hair supervisor. 




Wendy Topping 


The “Grande Dame”… loved by the students for her warm and friendly approach, Wendy brings with her a wealth of experience from working at the Royal Opera House for the last 12 years as a freelance wig and make-up technician. A regular artist working on feature films with Laura Solari and Jo Nielsen, Wendy has worked on Mary Queen of Scotts, Rocketman, The Aeronauts, Rebecca, Tom & Jerry, Mission Impossible and many more. Wendy’s theatre credits include Wig Mistress on Oliver, Chicago, Oklahoma and the Witches of Eastwick, Carmen Jones, Crazy for You, School Of Rock, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. Wendy regularly works in TV and Film, on productions such as Downton Abbey, Suffragette, Ex Machina, Far From The Madding Crowd, Pan, Star Wars, and Beauty and the Beast. Wendy was a Principal Hairdresser for the London Olympics in 2012, working on both the opening and closing ceremonies. 



Jo Nielsen

Jo has worked in the industry for many years as a hair and wig expert. Having recently worked on principal actors in Netflix series, The Crown, Jo takes her skills straight from filmset into the classroom. Jo’s first job after college was Oklahoma at the Lyceum, later moving on to work on Les Miserables, Phantom of The Opera, The Witches of Eastwick, My Fair Lady, various productions at The Royal Opera House and Mary Poppins to name but a few. Jo was previously the Wicked London/International Tour Supervisor and has helped many of our students and graduates to secure work placements in the Wigs department.  Jo has also worked on feature films,  including Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Mission Impossible 5, Pan, Star Wars, Darkest Hour, and The Nutcracker, and has worked as a daily artist on Game of Thrones and Taboo. Jos warm and encouraging manner help our students to master the tricky technical skills needed for dressing wigs and styling hair.

How you will learn it

The course is taught through daily demonstrations and workshops, followed by hands-on practical work, supervised by the tutors.

Repetition of key skills, combined with project work and steadily increasing complexity of styles, will lead to the development and progress of your abilities.

In the final week, there will be time set aside to address areas of difficulty and re-visit fundamental techniques.

There will also be 2 hair projects to complete, in order to fully consolidate your hair skills — both contemporary and period, which will be photographed by a professional photographer, in order to provide high quality photos to add to your portfolio.

What’s in your kit?

The course fee includes a professional kit of hair products and styling tools. This is yours to keep and is essential to use during your training here at Delamar. 

These products are hand selected by our hair tutors, and reflect the items in a professional kit – used by our own tutors and many more working in the industry. 

Featuring a Matador comb, classic L’Oreal Ellenet hairspray, sectioning clips, bungees, a Denman brush, setting lotion and various pins and grips. This kit also comes with a large pin box to store everything in. 

Where you will learn it

The light and airy classrooms of Delamar Academy are located within the world-famous Ealing Studios in West London. 

In our spacious classrooms, you’ll have your own personal workstation – including professional lighting and equipment. A large prosthetics workshop is based on site at Ealing Studios. Ealing Studios is home to a number of other companies that form a real media community, with visual effects, production, editing, outside broadcast, and record companies all represented. There is also the Met Film School, which offers a first step in studio experience for our own students when they work on graduate films.

Your next steps

Applicants to our advanced courses should have some experience in the techniques you’ll be using. Please call us to discuss your experience to date and see whether this is the most suitable course for you. Beyond experience, there are only two requirements for entry to the course:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • If English is not your first language, you must have a good standard of spoken English (equivalent to IELTS 6).

Check out the dates of the next course in the course dates section located in the sidebar.

Please call our Enrolment Advisor on 0208 579 9511 or email to discuss your course needs and qualifications and to arrange an informal interview.

Following a successful interview a 25% deposit (£1,400) and a completed enrolment form will guarantee your place on the course. The rest is due a month before the course start.

Find out more about fees, payment schedules, and possible funding opportunities in the Enrolment and Fees section of our FAQ.

Our Partners

Personal Recommendation

“The course was everything I expected and more. The tutors and their invaluable advice was by far the best thing about it for me. Hearing about their experiences and careers further established how I’d made the right decision choosing Delamar and this career path. I really enjoyed hair work, especially wigs, so I picked it as my ‘Advanced’ module.”

Rosanna Sinfield, Graduated 2015 (Cert HE in Professional Make-up Design)

Rosie has since worked on The Mummy, Mission Impossible, Rocketman, Artemis Fowl, Star Wars and many more films. 

“After completing the 1 Year Cert He Professional Make-up Design course at Delamar, I enrolled o the Advanced Hair course,  set by Laura Solari. Besides being taught by the industry’s finest and most successful makeup artists and hair stylists, this course provided me  with  many career opportunities, directing  me and opening doors to fulfil my passion in my field. I have managed to work on big feature films such as Maleficent 2, Star Wars, Black Widow and Eurovision as well as countless Netflix series and BBC series. None of these job opportunities would have come my way if it wasn’t for the intense and accurate training plus the after care Delamar provides for their students. I’m originally from South Africa and left two years ago in order to pursue my dream as a makeup artist in film and TV. Delamar has not only shown me support in my professional life,  but also throughout my journey in London. They have truly made me feel a part of a family and I know I will always have someone and somewhere to go to for support in both my work. Delamar Academy is so much more than just a school for passionate makeup artists, it is a community of people who love to see you succeed in all aspects of your life. I will forever be grateful for having them represent me and for me to showcase them.”


Nastassia Caripi, Graduated 2019 (Cert HE in Professional Make-up Design)

Nastassia has since worked on Star Wars and several large productions which we are unable to release details about. 

“Delamar Academy has helped catapult me into the career of my dreams! I completed the 1 Year course from 2016-2017 and learnt a vast array of skills. The course was extensive across all areas of the industry. The most valuable to me was the Advanced Hair, but I enjoyed them all equally and would say I use a skill learnt from each course, daily in my working life. The tutors are extremely well rounded, as well as helpful. The staff go above and beyond to help in anyway they can, the environment was so encouraging, and they still are even though I left over 2 years ago. Fellow students have also become lifelong friends, as well as work colleagues. I highly recommend Delamar to anyone who is serious about a career in the industry.”

Krystal Buckley, Graduated 2017 (Cert HE in Professional Make-up Design)

Krystal has since worked on The Great, Kinky BootsThe Musical, Annie, Tina The Musical, QVC, a recent Marvel production, Olympic press campaigns, various beauty and hair brand campaigns, Cats and Mission Impossible. 

“I decided to take on 6 weeks of Advanced Hair for my specialisation course, which I cannot recommend enough, because you go further in depth into how to control and style hair – not letting hair control you! I absolutely loved it and became so much more confident with hair.

The support system at Delamar is second to none. I was extremely lucky to have gained a few days of work experience with Catherine Scoble on Howards End and to be ‘stand by swing’ for Wicked the Musical. These opportunities wouldn’t have happened without Delamar.

I feel incredibly excited and grateful that I will be embarking on a career which allows me to enjoy what I do every day. Even though nerves are still there at the beginning, I think the support and encouragement from all the tutors and team at Delamar give you the confidence to go for it! and knowing you have a strong range of skills you can bring to any situation. I owe Delamar all my thanks for the exceptional training I received and I am so honored to be a part of the Delamar family!”

Lucy Oswald, Graduated 2017 (Cert HE in Professional Make-up Design)

Lucy has since worked on The Kingsman, Julie Naked, Fast & The Furious, The Crown, Red Joan, The Nutcracker, Tim Burton’s Dumbo and many more productions

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