The Condensed Make-up Artist Online Course

The Condensed Make-up Artist Online Course

The Condensed Make-up Artist Online Course


Following the success of over 60 online classes during Lockdown 1.0, the demand for this course has been high. Over the Spring period, this course aims to really increase your skillset with an enjoyable and immersive experience of being in the online classes for 3 hours each day. This 5 day intensive course will give you a fantastic overview of the skills and techniques taught here at Delamar Academy. We have made sure to keep the course open to different skill levels, locations and ages. People who will benefit the most from this week are at the early stages of their make-up career or curious to embark on a make-up career. This is also suited to professionals who work in a specific area of the industry and wish to expand their skillset. You might be a wig expert, for example and wish to develop your skills in beauty and SFX make-up. 

If you did the previous Condensed course before Christmas, this course will have different subject matter taught in each class. 

The £395.00 course fee is redeemable against all Delamar Academy classroom courses for 24 months from 29 March 2021. If you are planning on coming to Delamar in the next 2 years, this course value is too good to miss. On your enrolment form for future courses, please declare that you have taken this course and deduct £395.00 from your fee. 

This course runs live 29 March  - 2 April 

The classes will be broadcast live and recordings will be made available until 30 April 2021. This ensures if your timezone/job/other commitments prevent you from watching the class live, you will be sent the class recording. We will be using Zoom to deliver the classes. After each class you will be emailed your homework assignment with a deadline and details of how to submit images of your work for marking. 

All homework is due in before 30 April 2021. Until this time you can watch and re-watch the recorded classes. This ensures there is no rush to submit work and ensures flexibility around the busy Spring period. 

You will receive your marking and certificate before the end of May 2021. (However, we do aim for this to be much quicker.) 

Please note that unlike our classroom courses, this online course will not lead to work or work experience through the Delamar Agency. We need to develop relationships with our students in-person to determine which career opportunities suit each individual graduate. It is not possible for us to deliver this aftercare for an online course. 

During this course you will receive 6 Masterclasses with over 15 hours tuition on the following topics: 

  • Beauty & Fashion Make-up
  • Period Hair & Make-up
  • SFX Casualty Make-up
  • Contemporary Hair
  • Afro Hair - pre-recorded and sent to all who enrol
  • Character Design & Character Make-up Effects 

5 homework assignments will be set and your work will be marked by top industry artists. 

Upon completion, you will be sent a Delamar Academy Online Course Certificate. 


Our tutors have been hand-selected to represent the finest in their field, they are working artists in the industry who happen to be brilliant teachers too. 

Trefor Proud


Oscar and Emmy winning graduate of Delamar, Trefor Proud trained with us in 1988 – since then, he has become one of the leading make-up artists in the industry. Trefor has worked on numerous blockbusters including Gladiator, Star Wars, GoldenEye, Closer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and First Knight. In 2000 Trefor won an Oscar for Best Make-up and Hair on ‘Topsy-Turvy’, followed by an Emmy Award in 2008 for Best Special Make-up Effects Artist and Designer for his work on the HBO mini-series John Adams. He won a second Emmy Award in 2009 as make-up designer on The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler.  A really unique man and huge inspiration to many, Trefor takes every opportunity to come back and teach our lucky students.

Trefor will be teaching our Character Design Masterclass where you will learn how Trefor breaks down a character and creates their story through the medium of make-up effects. This Masterclass will combine skills learnt through the week and students will be set their own character design homework assignment. 



Deb Taylor


Highly experienced, full of energy and with one of the most impressive lists of credits in the industry, Deb trained and worked at the BBC before embarking on her freelance career. Having worked as personal make-up artist to Robert De Niro on Stardust, and Lawrence Fishburne on The Matrix Trilogy, Deb has worked on many other films including the Star Wars films, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Wolfman, and Titanic to name but a few. Deb has just finished a job as personal Make-up Artist to Thandie Newton.

Deb will be teaching the SFX Casualty Make-up Masterclass on Thursday 1st April. In the class you will learn how to create a wide array of injuries and bruising. Deb will draw upon her professional experience with many actors in fight scenes, car accidents and disease. This Masterclass promises to see your model at home looking rather worse for wear!  


Sarah Jagger 



Industry insider with credentials as a top fashion, commercial and beauty make-up artist, Sarah regularly jet-sets around the world to work on huge campaigns such as Vivienne Westwood.  As an industry authority on product, the students really love Sarah’s up-to-the-minute knowledge on new brands and key trends. Sarah's work has been published in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and numerous commercials.


In Sarah's Masterclass you will learn the key differences between Beauty and Fashion Make-up with various techniques. Sarah will be teaching two full demos exploring the differences between red carpet beauty work and contrasting it with runway or editorial fashion make-up. The 3 hours include masterclasses in skin, eyes and lips. You will be required to have your own beauty and fashion make-up products to complete the homework. Ideally, you will create the homework look on a model (anyone in your household). For those isolating, the homework can be created on your own face. 



Nikki Hambi 


Our glamorous authority on beauty make-up, Nikki has worked on numerous glitzy productions such as The Greatest Dancer, Strictly Come Dancing and The Voice. Nikki’s career spans from A list private clients, Vogue, Cannes, Absolutely Fabulous, The Brit Awards and events such as the BAFTAs to The Proms and the Royal Variety Show. Nikki was personal make-up artist to Anne Robinson for 7 years and Dame Shirley Bassey for over 18 years to present day, working with her on numerous tours and publicity events. 


Nikki Hambi will be teaching 1950s period hair and make-up class. This 3 hour intensive Masterclass will cover looks worn by various women in the 19650s ranging from the authentic every-day woman into the starlets and glamour icons who influenced trends of the decade. Some key 1950s looks still remain strong points of reference today so this is a valuable class all about the history and culture that underpinned various beauty techniques. Period make-up & hair is a very important part of the syllabus here at Delamar and you will understand why as Nikki delves through the archives of primary reference images and teaches how to re-create the looks to be as authentic as possible. This masterclass will help anyone looking to develop their film, TV or fashion skill set. 


Charlie Wilkinson


International Hairstylist and brand ambassador, Charlie has over 15 years in the Industry and is a regular artist for Dancing On Ice and Strictly Come Dancing for the past 5 years. She has worked some very contemporary styling into our courses this year, all drawn from her experience in the industry. The students love Charlie’s calm and easy going approach to helping them tackle some of the most challenging hairstyles. We love Charlie for how she gets the best out of the students, sharing everything from photography and hair wafting techniques to  the best shots. Never a dull day when Charlie is teaching her show-stopping styles!


During Charlie's 3 hour Masterclass, you will learn a succession of contemporary hairstyles from the Ariana Grande's looks inspired by Chris Appleton's work, to secure up-dos and even braiding techniques (plus more!). These hairstyles will teach you about creating camera-ready, high-impact and secure hair - all these things are a must for artists working with performers, red carpet starlets and even brides. 



What you will need

Please have a good look through your own items and use what you have. All who enrol on the course will be sent a discount code for various retailers. We also recommend you take advantage of Black Friday offers in the coming weeks. To complete this course you will need to have access to the following: 

  • A computer or smart pad with good internet connection 
  • A smartphone with a camera/a camera to take photos of your work for marking 
  • A notepad and pen 
  • Someone in your household/a friend who is comfortable to model for you each day. This person does not have to stay the same. If you are isolating, we understand that you will only be able to do the make-up work on yourself. 
  • If you do not have access to someone with mid/long hair, we recommend that you buy a dolly head
  • Hair brushes and combs 
  • Hair pins/grips
  • Hairspray 
  • A water spray bottle 
  • A tail comb 
  • Synthetic braiding hair 
  • Weft glue
  • Hair cutting scissors 
  • Light Wax or Pomade 
  • Got2B yellow gel
  • Sectioning clips 
  • Bungee hair ties 
  • Hair elastics 
  • Heated Rollers 
  • Light hair Serum 
  • Setting Spray
  • A selection of matte eyeshadows
  • A gel or cake eyeliner 
  • Black kohl 
  • Foundation - good coverage but not too heavy - colour needs to suit the model
  • Concealer 
  • Translucent Powder
  • Matte Contour Powder to suit model
  • Bronzer to suit model
  • Range of blushers to suit model - peach and coral needed
  • mascara - voluminous & black 
  • Powder and pencil brow products 
  • A good eyeliner brush and selection of make-up brushes 
  • Lashes: Eyelure Dramatic 145/9 or TV4 + Duo Lash Glue 
  • Lipsticks in both nude and red shades. 
  • Nail Scissors/ manicure stick, palette to work from/ tweezers 
  • Kryolan Greasepaints 
  • Skin Illustrator Alcohol Activated Palette 
  • Selection of casualty brushes 
  • IPA
  • Stippling/flicking brushes 
  • Stippling Sponges  
  • Bruise Powder 
  • 3rd Degree
  • Fresh Scab 
  • Runny Blood
  • Dried Blood
  • Blood Paste 
  • Make-up Sunburn Spray 
  • Prosade
  • Germaline & Tissue 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email 


Places on this course will be limited and we operate on a first come, first serve basis. Once you receive your purchase confirmation email, we will have your contact details and will be in touch with you.


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