Instagram Eyebrows are not allowed at Delamar

Instagram Eyebrows are not allowed at Delamar

It would seem that many “make-up artists” are receiving their training through the medium of Instagram. It is worth expressing a caveat here that self-taught make-up artists are not to be sniffed at in any way; Pat McGrath, the world’s greatest fashion make-up artist was self-taught, as is Mary Greenwell. We had the honour of hosting a special masterclass with Mary and have so much respect for her career journey. Like Pat, Mary looks divine, her taste is impeccable. Creativity and skills are developed just as much outside of the classroom, as inside it, and while we love Instagram, we hate the eyebrow trend it is responsible for. 


Building a successful career in make-up comes down to many factors including, but not limited to your skills, industry knowledge, personality, contacts, work ethic, attitude, enthusiasm, taste and personal presentation. If you wear your eyebrows like this, your perceived taste, personal presentation and even contacts will question your professionalism as a make-up artist. Your chances of being hired on a filmset are dashed. Your chances of working on anybody but fellow Instagram eyebrow aficionados, are severely diminished. Take heed students: Not a single Delamar tutor will hire you with these eyebrows. Less is definitely more as a make-up artist, you should look fresh and chic or bare-faced and ready to roll your sleeves up, especially in film. No make-up means no judgement. The more you wear, the more opinion you can inspire from potential clients. Look at the top make-up artists in the industry. Full-on glamour make-up is only appropriate for full-on glamour clients. You get the jist of where we are going here. 

The Instagram eyebrow wearer sees this –

“oh look at that fade, the blending, the accurately balanced shape, it’s mirror identical twin. Sheer perfection. So fleeky.” 



We see this: “What on earth. Is she being serious? Does she actually think that looks good? So heavy and cakey and unnatural, drag-inspired, those hard edges are distracting. She has no taste. We cannot recommend her for jobs.”  



So why is this look so popular? 


Firstly, the Kardashians have a lot to answer for. Mario Dedivanovic is Kim’s make-up artist – he is very skilled and iconic for his time. His work on Kim and other clients who request the contoured, glowing skin, strong-eyebrow make-up, is usually applied on darker skin tones. Mario is a master of his craft and has influenced millions of followers, but his most photographed make-up work is not the one for everyday wear. Filling in eyebrows heavily does not suit the pale English complexion, in the bright daylight of London. This entire make-up look is designed for studio lights, red carpet flashbulbs, evenings and DARKER TONAL PALETTES. Often this make-up is recreated crudely, without any thought about how the pale English rose may need to dial down warmth and intensity. Well-applied heavy eyebrows look OK under studio lights. But, if most people knew the amount of make-up needed to create a flawless base under hot studio lights, and on a monitor (specifically for film) they would be truly shocked. The crux of this post is to encourage everyone to think carefully about where you take your own make-up inspiration from. Classy make-up = classy clients. 


Secondly, the masses who consume trends, are not necessarily purveyors of refined elegance… Ugg boots being a classic example. Many a YouTuber have built an enormous following on badly edited, generic videos, showing viewers what they have in their handbags and eat for breakfast. They are not the best content creators, but they push the hardest and receive buy-in  from people who wear Ugg boots and are not experts on film. These content creators also influence… make-up trends. Bad make-up trends.


So there we have it. We don’t like Instagram eyebrows because they look crude and tasteless in real life. Instagram eyebrows have the ability to damage your career as a make-up artist, so please don’t do it. 




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