Episode 3 of Glow Up – Social Media Make-up

Episode 3 of Glow Up – Social Media Make-up

This episode sees the eight remaining make-up artists dive into more familiar territory: social media. The creativity and challenges experienced by social media make-up artists were explored well in this episode. Guest judge Nikkie de Jager aka Nikkie Tutorials was a very familiar face to the contestants, as she boasts 22 million followers on social media with every celebrity imaginable starring in her content. Nikki’s videos have even featured beauty icon Kim Kardashian West – love or hate her, Kim is a pop culture sensation, steering trends in make-up and working with Nikki for her self-promotion.  This was a very interesting episode…

Nikki challenges the contestants to film and edit their own social media tutorial in pairs, with a different twist for each pair. This really brought to light the personalities of the contestants, which is a key aspect of being a make-up artist. Clients, designers, brands and producers will be so much more willing to book a make-up artist who is likeable. This is why social media can definitely help or hinder a make-up artist’s success in the industry.  One prime example we always highlight to our students is Hannah Martin, who shares much of her day-to-day life in a positive and entertaining way.

We loved Brandon and Tiffany’s workout make-up video; it was fun, entertaining and well thought out.  They really considered the whole visual narrative with 80’s inspired outfits, make-up and aerobic exercises. The kitchen video starring Paige was sadly disappointing as the contestants left too little time due to not hitting record, a fear all people in the industry can relate to. Luckily this is usually an issue for camera teams and not make-up artists!


The second creative brief was a revealing one, asking the contestants to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses by creating a “two-faced” look, with half the face reflecting their strengths and the other half representing their weaknesses. This exposing and counter-intuitive task echoes a sentiment ay the heart of social media sensations, and that is exposing vulnerability in your work.  Authenticity with your audience is key to growing a larger following, so this task was very interesting to watch. The artistic way people explored their weaknesses was so interesting, as topics like bullying and colour blindness were all expressed with make-up.



We found it slightly frustrating to watch the contestants working on their own faces for this challenge. It made sense due to the personal nature of the creative task, but in the industry make-up artists work on other people. It’s so much easier to apply make-up to your own face…


The face-off challenge was a cut-crease eye, very apt for this social media episode. Sadly Paige left and despite her strong start on this series, she was not cut out to progress further.


Check in next week to read our low down on the fourth episode of Glow Up, which is available on BBC Three via iPlayer and will also air on BBC One at 10.35pm.

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