Letters to Leda, volume II

Letters to Leda, volume II

It’s Christmas Eve! The end 2017 marks another successful year for the #DelamarFamily of graduates. As ever, our graduates are out in the industry doing a lot of work! It makes my day when I receive an update from an ex-student. So here are some of the recent updates fresh from my inbox. These emails are a great compliment to the school and the opportunities we provide. I hope in sharing these, I can inspire anyone who is considering training at Delamar:

(If stars like these replace something “*****” it is just to protect the film, student or make-up designer.)


Dear Leda,

I have just wrapped on ‘*** ****’ with Sallie Jaye, which I have absolutely loved, I was really thrown into the deep end with the budget not being enough to have separate trainee’s for Crowd and Main team – this actually was a complete blessing in disguise for me because I learnt so so much and got really hands on.

In the mornings I would be helping set the main actresses hair then when her make up was being done – set up myself in crowd to do the second wave of crowd then onto set to help with any changes with Main team and to be on afternoon standby on crowd.

It was a crazy shoot with mad hours but I absolutely loved every bit of it and the experience and challenge of keeping two sections of the department organised. I felt so lucky to have been in a team with such highly skilled hairdressers so I tried to practice as much I could on a dolly head to get some constructive Feedback back.

I feel so grateful to have had such an amazing few months to the start of my career leaving Delamar and I have you to thank for this. Without you putting me forward to be on my first job with Sallie, none of the following jobs would have happened so thank you so so much for giving me that opportunity. That chance along with the training at Delamar has simply been the best start any Trainee could have! 

Sorry this email is so long but I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your girls and a happy new year 

Best wishes 

Lucy Oswold1 Year Cert HE Professional Make-up Design Course 2016 – 17

You can read more about Lucy’s journey here. 


Hey Leda, 

I hope your well, and ready for Christmas, getting some well-deserved time off!! 

I finished X Factor at the weekend, what an experience!!!!! 

The team were sooooooo lovely and friendly really made me feel welcome; they said they would definitely ask me in future, which is brilliant.  I have already been offered a job by one of them but unfortunately am booked for a wedding but there hopefully will be loads more to come!!! 

And Bella Constanzo (fellow Delamar Graduate) she is just a dream to work with, we have become really good friends outside of work too. 

The Tina Earnshaw event looked amazing, I would have loved to attend but was working at the theatre. 
Julia Thorpe the head of department at Book of Mormon has given a few names of different heads of departments on other shows and said for me to try there for more swing, which is amazing!! I am really busy at the moment with working at the theatre and weddings though so am going to contact them in the new year, which Julia said was a good time as they may not contact till the new year anyway from being so busy to the run up to Christmas. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, 
Best wishes 
Alice xx

Alice Percival14 week Complete Make-up Artist Course 2016


Hi Leda, 

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just worked on a Bollywood film to be released yesterday and today in London, before they go back to India to finish it. I only did all the back up dancers hair and make up but I’m quite happy that I got to do that 🙂 



Rishika studied the Complete Make-up Artist Course in 2016


Hi Leda

So nice to here from you, funnily enough I was just thinking about you today and that I wanted to send you an update email! I am indeed still on Fantastic Beasts, we are going towards the end of filming (looking to wrap beginning of December) and I have had the most amazing time so far! I keep on thinking I’m dreaming and that this all can’t be true as it seems like just yesterday that I moved to the UK to go to Delamar. 

Working with Fae and all the rest of the team is amazing, I am learning loads including the organisational side which is brilliant, even though it is long hours and lots of hard work I’m so thankful always that I’ve found the job that I love doing.

Thank you so much for thinking of me for the assisting job, if it is anytime after December the 18th then yes I absolutely would love to do it, but before that I am still working here 6 days a week!

How are you and everyone else in the office? Have you heard from Jacqui, is she well too?

Lots of love,



Hi Leda, 

I hope you and everyone at Delamar are well and getting into the festive spirit now December has hit! 

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know some exciting news I’ve just received. I’m going to be starting as Deputy Head of Makeup and Hair on *** **** **** International Tour in January! I’m over the moon and can’t wait to start! 

I’ve got so much to thank you all for as I wouldn’t have dreamed of being in this position without you so I’d love to drop by soon. Let me know when would be best! 


All the best and speak soon, 

Heather x

Heather Ross

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