Naomi Pink and Inez Clarke tell us all about juggling amazing work opportunities whilst training at Delamar

Naomi Pink and Inez Clarke tell us all about juggling amazing work opportunities whilst training at Delamar

We are continually committed to providing the best opportunities to our graduates and students. Where time and energy permits, we give students the most incredible opportunities… 

Inez Ella Clark told us all about her work experience opportunity on a big feature film called Blinded By The Light starring Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon and Sally Phillips. You can read more about this feature film on IMDB. Many Delamar graduates and students have all worked on this film, due to be released in 2019




Delamar gave me the opportunity to do 3 days of work experience in the crowd room on a film called Blinded By the Light. The experience was nerve-wracking because it was my first ever job as a trainee. The supervisor, Fiona, all the artists and trainees were so lovely – this really helped me to gain confidence. After my 3 scheduled days, I was asked to go back for 2 more days, which was amazing! All the shoot days involved very early starts, getting up at 3/4am and not getting home till 9pm but it is completely worth it when you wake up and are excited to go to work.



Some days can be so long and when they’re back-to-back you will be extremely tired. The key is to keep a positive attitude and I think the artists and supervisors really appreciate that. I had to take about a week off my exhibition prep to do this job, however it was completely manageable because I organised everything so that I could take a week out if needed. I’ve done other smaller jobs during the course and sometimes that does mean you have a 7 day week, but again, if you want to work and embrace the opportunities given then it is completely worth doing and gives you such valuable experience and confidence! If you’re ever unsure of what to do on a job, the tutors are always happy to give you their best advice.



Fellow Delamar student, Naomi Pink,  was also given days on this film. She tells us all about her experience of training here and undertaking work experience:



I did several days work experience on the film Blinded By The Light in various locations. Before filming, I assisted the make-up team lead by Make-up Artist Jojo Williams, with setting up the makeup truck. Jojo arrived with a whole van full of stock which we had to sort into groups and store into the truck. Filming days often started for us at 6am and lasted for around 12 hours, sometimes longer. I got to check-in all the supporting artists as well as assisting make-up artists with lip checks on set, which was very exciting.

Continuity was a very important role as I had to take and file lots of pictures of each of the extras so that it could be replicated exactly the same and in case of any later reshoots. There were plenty of opportunities to talk to the other makeup artists and hear about their work in the industry and learn lots of helpful tips. Although this was incredibly busy and very long hours, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it confirmed to me that this is the career that I am meant to pursue.

Another brilliant experience came about after a class with top industry Make-up Artist Deb Taylor; she took me, Inez and Lucy Oswald to assist her on a short film being entered into a film festival. My role was to style the hair of the leading actress with loose waves through the hair. I was on set for the whole of filming, regularly doing checks on the hair for the leading actress and other actors on set. Other opportunities I have had from Delamar include working on a photo shoot for Opaque Management where I was the hair and makeup artist for actor Leo Granger. Since doing this work, the management company have asked me and the other two makeup artists from Delamar to come back for another photo shoot later this year.

I have also led a team of makeup artists to work on production called Animal Farm at Questors Theatre in Ealing.  This was so much fun! We worked with a cast of 44 children to create animals with face paints.

Finally, Delamar Academy also put me forward for a trainee position on a TV series, called Killing Eve. I interviewed for this role and am thrilled to say I will be working on the main team for block 1 of filming this summer.


Thank you Delamar! I have not only had incredible training here, but am walking away with paid work and a whole heap of contacts to keep me going in this amazing industry.


Inez and Naomi are two of many students we have given opportunities to this year. They have both shown great potential to get involved and work hard. Their work ethic and positive attitudes were noticed in the classroom, and then on set!

Both Inez and Naomi have recently finished our 1 Year Cert HE Professional Make-up Design course recently. We couldn’t be happier for them! 




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