Instagram as a marketing tool for makeup artists

Instagram as a marketing tool for makeup artists

This magical social media platform has enabled us to all see each other’s photographic highlight reel and day-to-day life via Instagram stories. Instagram marketing for makeup artists can create amazing social connection and make communication so much easier than ever before. We find out so much information through the gram, it’s a wonder we ever got by without it.


Take care when using Instagram 


However, many find Instagram to be distracting and anxiety inducing.  We take a balanced view at Delamar, that students should not worry about posting their work and when they do, to make                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  sure it is of excellent quality. Once you start working in the industry, this is where the platform can serve you well. The trick is to see it as a tool for your benefit, and not follow any accounts that might make you feel bad.  Be methodical in your approach and certainly try not to worry about being the next Instagram superstar. Our graduates with good Instagram accounts will attest to the number of bookings they secure through this platform.   


To be professional or personal? 


Firstly, you need to think about having a separate personal and professional account. The lines are often too blurred if you try to combine the two. It ispossible, and some people are such interesting characters that they work well to share most of their interests in the one account. At the beginning of your career, you want to be known for your make-up artistry, not your love of cats, or socialising. This approach might attract fellow cat-loving socialites, but if you focus too much on the personal content, can dilute your message about being an excellent make-up artist.


Follow lots of make-up related accounts, such as make-up artists, magazines, dedicated beauty or SFX accounts, magazine editors, photographers, actors, models, brands etc. Have a look at what works and what inspires you. Keep a very open mind and understand how you can share anything from a photo of a gorgeous palette or a #MondayMotivation quote.


Once you have your professional profile, go through your existing portfolio and think about what photos will translate well on Instagram. There are no rules here! You can have anything from your portfolio images, to behind the scenes photos, kit photos, moodboards, inspiration etc, the options are endless! Put everything into an album on your phone and aim to post once a day, at a time when your community are most active. We find early in the morning or around 8pm in the evenings are the best times. Consistency is key, and this methodical approach will see you getting the best out of your account.




Be sure to tag and/or mention everyone involved in the production of each specific shot. This can be a brand, the photographer, lighting assistant, model, model agency, hair stylist… you get the idea! Credit where credit is due. Use no more than 7 hashtags and aim for these to address the following criteria:


  • You – this can be your own hashtag such as #makeupbysarahgreen
  • The subject matter – This can be a hashtag about anything in the photo so #redlips #glittereyes #flawlessskin #fashionmakeup
  • The community this post relates to – so think about #makeuplovers #blondeshavemorefun #mua


Then simply post your image or video! If you cover all of these bases, post content consistently, at a good time of the day and credit everyone you work with, we guarantee your following will increase and opportunities will come through your Instagram account. Adherence to the principals will work if you apply yourself.




A word on commenting – if someone leaves you a nice comment, it is always good etiquette to reply! The Instagram algorithm will see that your posts are engaging and therefore show them to more people.


Some final advice – don’t annoy anyone by releasing an image or information you don’t have permission to share. Be really careful in the TV and film industry, as many productions are top secret until the trailers are released. This can affect your career!


Good luck and get posting!

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