Episode 2 of Glow Up – Film Prosthetics Make-up

Episode 2 of Glow Up – Film Prosthetics Make-up

Episode 2 of Glow Up aired last week and we were most excited to see the contestants try their hand at Prosthetics Make-up.  (You can watch this on BBC3 iPlayer) The nine remaining make-up artists were challenged to create some movie magic. This brief saw them go to Leavesden Studios for a character test day, working in teams to fulfil the character brief.



We have many special links to this particular Episode… Firstly, long time Delamar Academy graduate, Nick Dudman was the designer on the Harry Potter films and the episode starts at the Harry Potter Studios. Secondly, our tutor Jennifer Drew made the silicone prosthetic pieces for the contestants to use:



Finally, our recommended prosthetics designer; Oscar winner David Malinowski was the specialist judge for this round. SO, we made a cup of tea and watched nervously as these (mostly) Instagram make-up artists were thrown in at the deep end, to apply these pieces with a designed look. If you have ever applied a prosthetic before… you will know that it’s very hard.



Before we comment on the work done, it has to be mentioned how Prosthetic Make-up is such a niche area of the make-up industry. Careers are made through designing, sculpting, moulding, applying and painting prosthetic pieces, usually for actors in films or TV shows. Artists with a very specialist skill prepare each part of the process; some make-up artists only sculpt, some only apply and paint. Luckily for the contestants, they only had to apply and paint the pieces on a model.  All make-up enthusiasts will have done a beauty make-up on themselves or another person before, but prosthetics is a whole different world.


The team challenge saw Paige, last week’s winner, having a wobble, as she was on the back foot with prosthetics, it was completely alien to her. Whilst it was interesting to watch the contestants so far out of their depth, we were pleased for those who conquered the challenge with their work looking very convincing on the green screen.



For the second challenge we enjoyed seeing the incredible array of gingerbread men, living trees and sea witches. Val’s feedback on Ellis’s work was spot on, as he had indeed given his mature model a face-lift with the design, and used the ears to inspire the design of the whole look. It was painful watching to see Mathieu take a fall in confidence with the judge’s feedback on his work. Even the most expert Prosthetics Artists will start off doing some unsuccessful work! 

The face-off challenge showed how hard it is to work with silicone pieces, living up to the quote

“Prosthetics can go very wrong, very quickly.”

Check in next week to read our low down on the third episode of Glow Up, which is available on BBC Three via iPlayer on Wednesday 20th March and will also air on BBC One at 10.35pm.

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