Lucy Oswald – from graduation to her first make-up job with BAFTA winning designer Sallie Jaye

Lucy Oswald – from graduation to her first make-up job with BAFTA winning designer Sallie Jaye

Delamar Academy graduate, Lucy Oswald completed her training here on the Cert HE Professional Design Make-up Course in July, so we put her to work immediately as trainee make-up artist with top BAFTA winning make-up designer Sallie Jaye (through the Delamar Academy Agency).  Sallie has taught here at Delamar and she is well-known for her work on the Bond film Skyfall, French & Saunders, Multiple Woody Allen, In Bruges, Gosford Park and many more highly successful productions. As a a stand-out student at Delamar, Lucy’s polite nature, work ethic and professionalism made us very aware how much she wanted a career in TV and film. Students like Lucy are always at the front of our minds when giving work through the Delamar Academy Agency, a lesson to prospective students! In her own words, Lucy describes her experience since graduating. 


I was so excited when I received an email from Leda… putting me forward to be Sallie Jaye’s trainee on her new and upcoming film ‘Juliet Naked’.  Having not long graduated, this was my first main team job (not crowd – but main team!) and not knowing anyone in the department beforehand, I was extremely apprehensive about getting everything right and to not letting the team down. My family and I were booked to go on holiday, but I did not train at Delamar for a year to turn this sort of huge opportunity down, so I cancelled my place on the holiday and started preparing myself for working with Sallie. 

I felt so fortunate to have Sallie as my boss; she made sure I gained as much set experience as possible, whilst also giving me minor main cast to fully look after. Thrown straight in at the deep end! The make-up department was a small team of four, and to my delight, we consisted of a Delamar tutor and two Delamar graduates! I honestly couldn’t have asked for better people to work with and learn from, everyone supported each other and brought their own strengths to the team. It was magical. 

Filming was completed over 6 weeks in London with a week away by the sea in Kent. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the crew over these weeks, we had a lot of laughs. 

The most valuable thing I learnt as a trainee is to be flexible to the needs of your department. It’s important to bend over backwards and accommodate each request. I tried to make myself as useful as possible, even when make-up department was covered. Some days during the spell of hot weather, with only two actors on set, I made myself busy packing a cool bag of cold flannels, fans and fruit, while other days I was flat-out assisting with make up on the bus and then on set. Each day was varied and brought new learning opportunities. It was so exciting. 

I  have absolutely loved the past  6 weeks and am very grateful to Leda and the whole Delamar team for providing such a fantastic opportunity  – I couldn’t have asked to work under a kinder, more supportive make-up designer and department. This experience has opened many doors and I’m beyond excited for whatever the future holds! Bring it on! 


Since writing this post, Lucy has been taken on as a trainee on the second series of Flowers.


Lucy’s work for her graduate exhibition




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