What they’re doing now: Stacey Holman

So here is my journey since leaving Delamar in 2010…

I trained at Delamar from 2009-2010 on the 1 Year HE Course.  In that year, I crammed in as much work experience I possibly could.  I worked mainly with local film schools and I was also lucky enough to do work experience with one of my tutors Tracey Lee.  I assisted Tracey on a TV show called ‘Episode’.


After graduating, I was still working on a lot of student films but I also managed to work on a couple music videos for hip hop underground artists at the time – these were my first paid jobs!  I also did a few weeks work experience on “Dancing on Ice” with Delamar tutors Lisa Hilton and Paul Haskel, which led to me working on the next series of the show.  After ‘Dancing on Ice’ I was fortunate to gain work on a series of ‘Popstar to Opera Star’

I then decided I needed to start earning money but taking a part time job felt like a risk as I still wanted to be 100% involved in make-up.  In order to practise make-up and also earn some money I took a job at a makeover studio. I worked there for nearly a year and in the time I was there I practiced make-up regularly which got my make – up skills up to scratch and I also took some good portfolio pictures. My boss at the studio was flexible, this allowed me to continue working on film and TV jobs.  I worked with Delamar tutor, Lorraine Hill, on a low-budget independent film. This gave me a great insight into working in a crowd room and it showed how hectic it could be!

2011- 2012

After leaving the makeover studios I wanted to concentrate on my prosthetics work and worked with Paul Hyett in his workshop for 6 weeks.  Whilst at the workshop I was involved in prepping a film called ‘Cocknies vs. Zombies’. I enjoyed my time there and decided to apply for other workshops around London that led to me working at John Scoonraad’s workshop at Elstree Studios. At my interview I was thrown in the deep end as it turned into a make-up test for a commercial that I would be doing the following day. I worked here for about 3 months doing various sculpting, mould making and painting.  I also applied for work on commercials such as ‘Phones 4U’, ‘Got to Dance’ and other short films.

I then went on to a low budget feature film with Lorraine Hill again but this time it was paid and I was on the main team. This gave me the experience I needed in looking after actors. Lorraine then took me on as a daily on her next project, which was a children’s TV show.

Following this I got a call from John Scoonraad asking if I wanted to do a TV show with Peter Andre, (of course I did), so I went back to the workshop for a few weeks and made a few prosthetic pieces for his new show.

In September (with the help of Leda, the Managing Director at Delamar Academy) I gained a place as a junior on the main team of a period drama called ‘Peaky Blinders’. It was a long job – 16 weeks in total and I was away in Leeds and Liverpool.  As I was looking after the main cast on a BBC Period Drama there was a lot of pressure but my designer was always there to help me.  It was this experience in which I felt I learnt the most out of any job I had worked on.


In January this year, I was fortunate to work on the feature film ‘The Muppets…Again’ as main team trainee. Working on a huge Disney production was quite an experience…the crew involved was huge, and the work load even bigger! I was situated in the crowd room for most of this job but it gave me some amazing contacts as the dailies we had in were some of the best designers in the business.

The rest of the year is looking hopeful…Lorraine Hill has asked for my availability from the end of June for the rest of the year so fingers crossed!!

If you would like to hire Stacey, or any of our graduates, please contact us on agency@delamaracademy.co.uk

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