Heat-proofing your make-up – tips from the top

Heat-proofing your make-up – tips from the top

Is it warm? I hadn’t noticed.

Professionals and make-up aficionados alike will know the struggle of preventing make-up from sliding off in the heat. From working on sweltering film locations, weddings in Capri or Dubai to just applying your own face for the day… the risk of over-powdering and creating a sweaty, cakey mess is always a problem in hot weather. For make-up artists, it doesn’t matter whether the weather is 16 or 36 degrees; your work needs to be spot on.


Enter BAFTA winning Delamar Tutor, Catherine Scoble’s top advice:

“Sunscreen before everything, or a moisturiser with a high SPF. It’s important to use a lip balm with SPF too, as regular Vaseline or lip gloss can cook lips.”

“Use blot paper on sweat, rather than applying powder on top. GROSS.”



“Use less foundation, I opt for tinted moisturiser in the heat.”

“Waterproof mascara to avoid Panda eyes!”

“Keep Evian spray on hand to spray all over the face. It won’t destroy make-up, it’ll help wake it up.”

“An old fashioned fan – they work much better than the battery operated ones. I love MUJI paper fans. Keep your actors in the shade and have a parasol”.


Joanne Byrne our lead Fashion Tutor has recommended the following spritz products for your kit:

  • Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Mist
  • Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist
  • Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Toni Spritzer


Sarah Jagger is a Delamar Graduate and top make-up artist in the commercial and fashion industries. She heeds the following advice:

“Avoid using brow gel as constant SPF spraying and powder get stuck in the hairs every time. Be careful of mattifying primers as they are more likely to rub against the make-up in the heat.”

Sarah’s product favourites are:

  • Jane Iredale SPF 50 Translucent Powder
  • La Roche Posay Cooling & Mattifying Spray


Lottie Brooksbank, another Delamar graduate and now top celebrity make-up artist recommends:

  • Magicool Cooling Spray applied on wrists and to the back of the neck.


So there we have it. Light bases, lots of blotting, spritzing and SPF. You need to think carefully about the products in your kit. Make-up artists look after their models, actors or brides, so be mindful about their wellbeing in high temperatures. Using everything in your kit to not only make them look great (or however they are supposed to look for the job!) but also feel comfortable. Little tips and tricks like these above, can help you to get repeat bookings. 



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