Episode 4 of Glow Up – Red Carpet Make-up

Episode 4 of Glow Up – Red Carpet Make-up

The fourth episode of Glow Up is one of our favourite episodes so far! This episode is all about red carpet make-up, with guest judge Caroline Barnes. We were delighted to see this familiar face who has hired our graduate Fiona Neal and works with many of the Delamar Family with her work for Look Good Feel Better. As a top make-up artist, Caroline has worked on Kylie Minogue, Cheryl and Gemma Chan, amongst many other celebrities.


The contestants had 7 celebrities to get ready for the TV Choice Awards red carpet, in just 45 minutes. This challenge was very true to life and we were on the edge of our seats, as the contestants took too long, chatted too much and generally made some mistakes. This job is all about time keeping and giving the celebrities what they want in the most polished and professional way. It was really great to see the job of a make-up artist represented so accurately by this task. The paparazzi snapped away at these celebrities on the red carpet before Val, Caroline and Dominic judged the images. It was clear to see Brandon’s poor choice of under eye powder, an easily made mistake on the red carpet. Gemma Atkinson’s make-up was our favourite look as she was radiant, glamorous and modern. It was a shame to see Chizzy’s make-up artist not finish in time and spend too much time on the eyes.

The next day, the contestants were challenged to another great brief all about monochrome transformation. The use of just black and white can throw some artists, as it’s very easy to spot mistakes on a monochrome palette. This type of make-up can easily go a blurred grey very quickly! The lack of prep time was a very difficult challenge for some, as most professional jobs will have a degree of prep work. On the positive side, this lack of prep allows highly creative, brave and confident artists to come into their own. This is a skillset needed on last-minute jobs. Being able to think on your feet is very important as a make-up artist.



Ellis’s make-up divided the judges, but we felt Val was spot on with her feedback that he hadn’t decided on a direction or set look. We absolutely loved what Leigh did with the symmetrical ink splodges. We wonder if being colour blind made this challenge easier?


The final face-off challenge was a winged black liner in 10 minutes. We know so well here at Delamar how difficult this task can be, as the angle of the liner, thickness and symmetry of the eyes all play into the final look.


Brandon sadly left, and while he created one of the most impressive make-ups on the show in episode 3… this challenge proved the saying that


“You’re only as good as your last job.”


Next week we cannot wait to see the drag make-up challenge! We recently hosted a Drag Masterclass here at Delamar Academy, so it will be a fun watch. Check in next week to read our low down on the fourth episode of Glow Up, which is available on BBC Three via iPlayer and will also air on BBC One at 10.35pm.

Due to Covid-19, Delamar Academy is closed for the next month. All enrolled students will have their classes honoured when it is safe to re-open.
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