Delamar tutor and designer Angie Mudge gives us the make-up gossip on Doctor Foster

Delamar tutor and designer Angie Mudge gives us the make-up gossip on Doctor Foster

We caught up with top Delamar tutor Angie Mudge, who was the make-up designer on the recent BBC drama, Dr Foster – one of the most unmissable and raved-about drama series on recent TV! Doctor Foster has gripped the press and TV watchers around in a what-happens-next frenzy. The scorned ex-wife Gemma is distraught to learn that her ex-husband is moving back to her village with his new wife. The divorced couple unravel as their relationship becomes a near-lethal cocktail of stalking, mind games and revenge. Brilliant stuff!  


Angie had to design the make-up to depict the emotional toll on all characters involved – their frazzled appearances of puffy eyes, red cheeks and sallow complexions were meticulously designed. With over 20 years experience as a makeup artist in film and TV, Angie has designed a variety of films and Tv dramas including River, Fungus the Bogeyman, The Firm and Horrid Henry. We asked her the Doctor Foster questions everyone at Delamar wanted to know 



1. What was the biggest make-up challenge on Doctor Foster? 


The flash-back scenes! Making the characters look identical to the first series was really tricky. I had to blow-dry Bertie’s hair to make it look longer. Gemma’s hair was a different length and it was very difficult to match everything up seamlessly. We even had to dye Tom’s hair! The main beauty look had to be very reserved so as to keep with continuity. 


Suranne is so beautiful in real life, so we had to paint on her dark circles and work hard to make her look so unravelled –  For this I used Illustrator Gels in Character 1 (I’ve labelled mine as “dark circles”) Bertie had lots of red around his eyes, no tan and a more ashen complexion as the series developed. 



2. How many make-up artists worked with you?



Two make-up artists and a trainee. Debbie Ormrod is a Delamar graduate and make-up artist that I’ve had on my team for years now. Delamar really do produce the best. Caroline Walker, a recent graduate of our Cert HE professional make-up design course also worked on the crowd days. 



3. Suranne’s beauty make-up was lovely, what star products were used? 



Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation and MAC Paint Pots on her eyes in Groundwork and Constructivist. These were my staple products. 



Thank you Angie for taking the time to be interviewed! Angie has been teaching at Delamar for a long time and recently tutored Period Make-up as part of our Cert HE Professional Make-up Design course. For more information on our courses, please click here. 


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