Rosie Sinfield’s 2 year journey from Delamar student to working on Star Wars & The Mummy

Rosie Sinfield’s 2 year journey from Delamar student to working on Star Wars & The Mummy

How did it all begin?

I graduated from the 1 year course at Delamar in June 2015 and have been lucky enough to work in TV and film ever since. The past two years have been amazing – I graduated from Delamar and have ended up working on Sarah Monzani’s make-up team. Sarah is an Oscar winning make-up designer famous for her work with A list actors on films such as Evita, Mission Impossible, Interview With a Vampire and The Mummy. I still have to pinch myself! 


Since graduating I have worked on a handful of TV dramas and entertainment shows including ITV1 Take Me Out, Sky Atlantic Guerrilla (with Delamar’s very own Catherine Scoble!) and many other fun daily jobs in both TV and film. Through Leda and Laura Solari’s recommendation, I worked on Star Wars: Episode VIII in January 2016 as a crowd trainee, although at the time the film was called ‘Space Bear’ for security and press reasons –  I was too shy to confirm my suspicions that it was actually Star Wars! After this amazing experience, the crowd supervisor put me forward to interview with Sarah Monzani for a trainee role on The Mummy. I got the job and have had an incredible time travelling to Namibia and Bordeaux.


Don’t get complacent or define yourself by the jobs you do

Since then, I worked on Darkest Hour as the crowd trainee, BBC2 Strictly It Takes Two and a handful of other fun projects with many of them now being junior roles as I begin to step up. Although I have been fortunate enough for most of my jobs to be in film, I have made an active effort to keep it varied so that I continue to learn and expand on different skills and meet as many different people as possible.  I encourage other trainees not to look down their noses on any job! I do, however, look down on the standard of the coffee and food on some jobs – once spoilt, you’re a snob for life!



Although I’ve experienced an incredible journey so far, I still lack confidence in many areas and often feel insecure that others are learning more on other career paths. The key is not to put too much pressure on myself to know everything and be patient with my journey. I am learning as I go from all the amazing artists I meet and appreciate my experiences fighting the feeling that the grass is greener in other jobs!


As a trainee, every job is valuable and there is so much to gain – tea and coffee runs may not be displaying any of your creative skills but supporting your team and being that person who puts a smile on their faces makes you such a valuable part of the crew. These things are important!



Currently, I am working on a very big release coming up and have been privileged enough to work in Paris, New Zealand and Norway so far. It’s been my longest job yet and the coldest! I now consider myself a seasoned pro in wet weather gear and thermals! Our makeup department is a very close team where I feel I can be myself, ask questions and have fun. Since spending over three months away on location with the crew, you get the opportunity to get to know everyone and learn about the different job roles on set and in production. I also experienced how hard it can be to be away from home for prolonged periods. However, I’d take homesickness any day when it means getting a helicopter in New Zealand to work over the district line… #sorrynotsorry. 



I am so glad I chose to train here – I have Delamar to thank for meeting my best friend Naomi there, my on-going obsession with Sharpies (I have them in EVERY pocket #traineelife) but mostly because I have felt consistently supported by the lovely Delamar team who I am so happy to share my experiences with. There is also nothing better than spotting a tutor’s familiar face in a busy crowd room at 6am! Leda’s initial recommendation for me to the crowd supervisor on Star Wars has opened up all the opportunities I am enjoying now and for that reason I am forever indebted to Delamar.

Rosie did the 1 year Cert HE Professional Make-up Design Course. Find out about our courses here!

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