Andrew Denton’s guide to dealing with faces that have had cosmetic procedures!

Andrew Denton’s guide to dealing with faces that have had cosmetic procedures!

Rising star in the fashion industry, Andrew Denton, was candidly talking to us about the cosmetic procedures and beauty treatments that are increasingly popular with celebs, models and well, a lot of women these days! The shiny botox-ed forehead and lip line definition plumped-out with filler are a couple of issues affecting make-up artists. Andrew has developed his own techniques to deal with faces behaving…differently. 

 1. Botox – when Botox is noticeable, this often causes a shiny very tight appearance to the skin. You can keep powdering and keep powdering, but still some shine breaks through. To combat this – I prefer to use a high-adherence primer then buff over with foundation. This ensures consistent skin texture. 

2. Lip filler – the edges of lip line can be really plumped-out and no clear ridge is easy to follow for the shape. I get my client to tilt her head to one side as I put my little finger against the lip and rest my pencil against it. 

3. Eye-lift – everyone’s eyelids are different. Some are super oily, others are crinkly, others are slippery to apply make-up onto, much like botoxed skin. The trick is to use a fine dusting of loose powder or pressed powder, before applying your eye shadow. This will keep the make-up looking soft and improve longevity.

4. Tattooed eyebrows – This is a thing that so many women have opted for, and it’s one of the biggest nightmares for make-up artists as it looks like our work, when it’s not. This procedure can result in blocky brows. One way around it is to use Kryolan dermacolour and conceal them completely, and then start again with a powder pencil. If there are hairs you won’t want to do this – so work with a lighter powder-based pencil and add feathery strokes to create the illusion of form and texture, whilst breaking up the tattoo. If they are dermabladed and perfect, leave them alone and take all the glory!

5. Lash extensions – these are highly addictive (like Pringles). Once many women start on them, they can’t stop and the results get more and more noticeable. It’s very difficult to alter the appearance of a mega-fluffy set, so leave it and make sure the rest of the make-up compliments these lashes. A stronger brow can often balance them out. With a less full-on set of lash extensions, mascara and a lash comb is all you need to make them look fabulously fluttery. Less is always more!

6. Bad fake tan – Greeny orangey and patchy. Hell on make-up artist earth. You need a correcting palette, some Mac Face and Body foundation for the limbs to even out skin-tone, and a flat-top buffing brush. Photography will often show greater disparities in skin tone, than your eye can see. Be consistent and meticulous. Blue tones neutralise the orange and a hint of red can cut through the greeny hue.



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