The Alex Box Performance + Meeting with Francois NARS

The Alex Box Performance + Meeting with Francois NARS

Delamar Academy is such a well connected hub… When we are not busy hosting top industry events, we are being invited to them through our network of make-up artists and brands. Alex Box recently came into the Academy to do an impromptu talk about her career and upcoming performance – you can read all about it here. Industry friend and global beauty producer, Erica Carr kindly invited us to the performance where we knew very little about what was about to happen… 



We made our way to Rich Mix on Bethnal Green road in Shoreditch, and enjoyed a drinks reception before being taken up stairs in small groups. The crowd was arty and eccentric, as we imagined. Some familiar faces were sat in the darkness; Princess Julia – a DJ and music writer known as the “First Lady of London’s Fashion Scene” a Culture Correspondent for ID magazine. Drag Queens a human doll and many more weird and wonderful people took their seats before Alex and her model appeared from behind the curtain. Georgie Hobday, one of the most recognisable beauty models in the industry, sat down in our chair – yes Delamar Academy supplied the chair (it is now covered in paint and make-up!).  



Alex started by creating a look about birth, it was strange with elements of skin, raw flesh tones, glow, shade and light with plastic pieces adorning and containing Georgie’s face, restraining her spirit with plastic strips. Her piercing green eyes looked raw, surrounded by pale fleshy hues. It was as beautiful to look at, as it was uncomfortable. The music was a big part of the experience; Alex began and ended her transitions to tracks that moved the audience and created quite an atmosphere. The look moved through the phases of life to death. We were transfixed on the layering and facial adornment that took over Georgie’s face. 



Alex finished to a loud applause, before leaving for a quick 15 minute break and returning to answer questions. We were feeling drained, inspired and curious about the character created in Alex’s performance. She spoke candidly about how she looks to her own life and feelings to draw upon for inspiration, alongside texture and every day items. It was magical, haunting and easily the best hour to just be present and watch something beautiful. The performance evoked so many emotions, enjoyed with our phones off and imaginations very much switched on. Thank you Alex and thank you Erica Carr. 



The following day, we were invited to meet with Francois Nars, the founder of NARS, at the Kings Road store. As a creator who rarely does personal appearances, Francois has spent many years living on his French Polynesian Island and working with some of the biggest fashion designers. He was very charming, graceful and immaculately turned out. Our marketing manager Emma had a lengthy chat with him before getting a book signed for the school. She asked Francois about how he made the transition from make-up and photography creativity to global beauty business. The marriage between creativity and business is not always a straight forward one. Francois passionately explained how he never started NARS to become successful, he started it to make the best products. He was obsessed with the product and everything surrounding the product being perfect. He told Emma that success also comes from working with the right people and the very best people. It was really lovely to see how NARS has become an empire that originated from a real place of passion and love. Francois was kind with his time and very charming to all. We enjoyed meeting him and felt so inspired by the his message of authenticity. 

We truly met the masters in our industry last week, well all who were in London anyway! It was such a pleasure to personally experience Alex and chat with Francois. Thank you to all who continue to keep Delamar front and centre of these exciting events. 



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