6 things you need to know about working with models

6 things you need to know about working with models



We caught up with trailblazing fashion make-up artist and Delamar graduate, Andrew Denton. Andrew has given us the intimate low-down on working with models. Here are 6 commonly occurring little things about working with models that many a make-up artist will come to know…


Andrew Denton himself, could be a model.


1.They can smell fear


If you start flapping during a make-up because something isn’t working, they totally know and it makes them feel really uncomfortable. It is really easy to lose the model’s trust and that’s such a rubbish feeling. This happened a couple of times on my first shoots after leaving Delamar. It’s so funny because once you get out there and start working, you some how learn to not let anything show and keep that bond going with the model. I laugh because Delamar Tutor, Holly Edwards describes it as “the Swan”… elegant on top and splashing like crazy underneath. That’s totally it.


2. They might eat your lunch

There is a classic cliché that female models don’t eat much, but the truth is, most are naturally slight-framed and slim. I was working with 6 male models for an event, my hands were on fire, working like crazy to get them ready and I was starving. Just as I got half way through finishing model no 6 and lunch is brought in for us. I finally (frantically) finished model 6, I go to eat and…. nothing. They had scoffed the lot. You snooze, you lose!


3. Looks can be deceiving

I was working on this one shoot a couple of months after leaving Delamar and the theme was really “Moody” and very much “Dark”. I had set up and this gleaming ball of sunshine walks in – beautiful blonde hair, bubbly attitude, super smiley model. She’s stunning… but I’m stood here thinking, she’s doesn’t fit the feel of the shoot, it’s not going to work, then the anxiety of the shots coming back and being really jarring sets in because time is so precious and when you are Testing…every shoot counts. So she’s done, clothes on, hair and a makeup done and she walks on set like a bouncy bunny in this jet black almost costume-like black gown and I’m just waiting for the whole atmosphere in the room to change because nothing is working and… BOOM. The model literally turned into a Dragon… every shot was on fire. She nailed every frame, dark, sinister, sultry, she gave it everything. This was one of the first times I really felt that super charged excitement on a shoot and the first time I realised, with models, never judge a book by its cover.


4. You often become their counsellor 

I learnt this quickly too. You’ve obviously got to get a rapport going with a model, it can be easy and sometimes it can’t, and sometimes it can be so easy that you some how feel less of a makeup artist and more of a personal counsellor or a therapist. The stories I could tell of cheating boyfriends, frienemies, breakup stories, casting call dramas, angry bookers… it’s so lovely to know that the model feels comfortable enough to tell you all her secrets, yet sometimes I don’t feel qualified enough to offer advice! Give me a 50’s liner over a relationship drama any day. I’d rather tackle that.


5. They are often late

Delamar definitely taught me that it is imperative a makeup artist is not late. Don’t ever be late. Set off an hour extra early, so you have no reason to be late. Models on the other hand can be late, because they are often running from castings or other jobs. Be prepared to wait and greet them with a smile. Even if you now only have 20 mins for makeup and hair rather than an hour and it’s a jet black smoky eye with an elaborate hair-up look. Many a ‘swan’ moment has been experienced from late models.


6. Mobile phones are the enemy

“Eyes up for me”… a staple in my MUA vocabulary. It can be really difficult to get a girl ready in half an hour all the while she’s found herself deep in a scrolling session on Instagram. Somehow I manage to get the wing liner and red lip on. It’s all about pleases and thank yous.


Well thank you Andrew! That was a very relatable and enjoyable read. 


Here is Andrew’s fabulous Instagram account 

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