5 Makeup Hacks you probably won’t find on social media

5 Makeup Hacks you probably won’t find on social media

Here at Delamar Academy, we hire the best makeup artists in the industry to teach our students the most professional methods of transforming models, actors and celebrity personalities. Our award winning tutors are not all huge YouTube sensations or massive on the ‘gram (because they are too busy working in the industry!). So these hacks you are about to read have rarely, if not ever, been posted online. You might want to grab a cup of tea and a pen…

1. Make-up artist in demand by A-listers, royals and top brands, Hannah Martin who delivered the most amazing masterclasses here…. has two very unique techniques. Firstly, she deposits a dollop of mascara on the back of her hand, directly from the tube with the wand. This then allows for precise application with a spoolie and is also very hygienic. Her second unique hack is to use an emollient face cream as brush cleaner for any cream products like creamy eyeshadow, lipstick and gel liner. Try it! This works a treat and keeps your brushes in amazing condition.



2. Delamar tutor and BAFTA winning make-up designer Catherine Scoble has a clever way of getting rid of flyaway hairs: she sprays a fluffy makeup brush with hairspray and brushes down the hairs away from the parting. This simple but effective hack will be brilliant for filming or flash photography where stray hairs catch the light.




3. Red lips or any strong lip look requires a steady hand and an eye for precision. Top tip from fashion tutor Joanne Byre, is to stand your model up when you have done the lip. Stand back and look at her lips from this new angle. For some magical reason you can spot mistakes better this way.


Similar to this but on the cheeks…


4. Alex Box is a top fashion artist who is incredibly respected in the industry. We were delighted to host Alex last year where she delivered a spellbinding talk. She has the most beautiful technique for blusher where she places a cream blush product on her palm at the base of the thumbs and rub them together. She then places the base of her palms on the cheekbones of her model which deposits a perfect amount of blush in a great shape. Next you can blend the edges with a brush or fingers.



5. Mary Greenwell who has taught a red carpet masterclass here, has a brilliant technique for lips. This works best with a creamy lipstick on an even pair of lips, so one lip is not bigger than the other, otherwise this technique can be messy.  Firstly you make sure the model’s lips are well primed and soft, then go in with the lipstick directly from the bullet, onto the lips in swiping motions (providing it is new and about to be given to the model). Ask your model to then vigorously rub her lips together, back and forth. When she stops, you should have a perfectly applied lip. Simple!

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