Jane Richardson-Kinney’s NARS Masterclass

Jane Richardson-Kinney’s NARS Masterclass

Another week, another incredible master class at Delamar Academy! We have had a very successful run of top brands and artists visiting us recently to share their craft with the students. This time it was NARS who came in to bestow our spoilt students with palettes and iconic Orgasm blushers. The students enjoyed a prosecco reception followed by a brilliant talk and demo from one of our long time graduates, Jane Richardson-Kinney. As a member of the #DelamarFamily, Jane is also the Global Artistry Director of NARS. Such a career involves working with François Nars himself on big fashion shows, training international teams and travelling all over the world to develop the NARS artists.

The master class make-up look was inspired by Robert Palmer’s, Addicted To Love music video. Everyone under the age 25 didn’t know about this iconic 80’s pop culture moment. This iconic, bold make-up style was demonstrated with all its variations. The red lip, big black smoky eye and flawless base


Jane spoke candidly about her experiences, advice and 5 top tips for making it in the industry:

  • The first piece of advice was to know exactly who you are sitting next to at any industry event. She landed her job at NARS through some industry contacts and urged our students to do their research properly before networking.
  • Laurie our gorgeous model had a little redness in her skin, so Jane explained how to deal with various skin types and how to check if skin is hydrated enough. Too much hydration with skincare can cause make-up to slide off, too little and the make-up becomes dry and patchy.
  • Backstage etiquette was a big topic to address; explaining to students that following a brief laid out by a designer did not make them “make-up artists” but “assistants”. Many new people in the industry often forget the hierarchy of fashion shows where they can do several full faces of make-up, but they are still “assisting” the main artist. It is not your make-up, you are merely the person who applies someone else’s design.
  • Jane encouraged students to connect with products they really love and ask themselves “why am I using this product?” – focus is on quality rather than quantity and the artist must “connect” with their product. It’ very easy to accept all the freebies and throw them in your kit, but sometimes, there is a reason why some brands can offload hundreds of units of a skincare item or a lipstick, maybe they are not the best? Be thoughtful and picky about what you use. Fellow master class artist, Hannah Martin, echoed this advice by telling students to never take a product to a job that they were not familiar with.


The demo itself saw Laurie transformed by a 1980’s glamour look. A classic NARS smoky eye look was demonstrated, showing how kohl or cream stick eye shadow is worked onto the eyelid and a shape is created before being set with powder shadow. This technique creates a long lasting and intense smoky look, not for the faint of heart! The eye was originally matte-black and sooty, before Jane added a gloss to modernise the finish completely.


A big thanks to Jane, her assistant Rachel, model Laurie and NARS for the generous gifts!


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