Brian Kinney’s Death Masterclass

Brian Kinney’s Death Masterclass

For the second time in 12 months we were excited to welcome back our Emmy nominated prosthetics and special effects tutor, Brian Kinney. With his eccentric moustache and love of #allblackeverything, Brian is a great character to have in the Academy. As a graduate of Delamar himself and industry professional with a career spanning over 20 years, Brian has worked on The Hunger Games, Game Of Thrones, CSI, Fear The Walking Dead, Band of Brothers, Law & Order, plus many more well known film and TV productions.

The build up to Halloween is a busy time in the make-up industry, and we thought it would be fantastic to put on some events for our students to learn how to create professional looking death make-up effects.

Brian arrived with his furry assistant Glory, who was equipped with some Telesis, palettes and little bags full of useful kit. She would come running when called, arguably faster and more straightforward with her needs, compared to a human assistant. Glory had recently worked on Artemis Fowl, a Kenneth Branagh Disney Film, in post-production at the moment. You can read all about it on IMDB here. Glory was part of a dog-friendly make-up team this summer with Brian and several recent Delamar graduates.



The master class started with a talk from Brian about his career, which started as small child at Halloween, a moment he remembers vividly, being turned into Dracula for a pre school party. Longing for a career in make-up, Brian knew he had to train somewhere but did not have the money. Rather conveniently and without causing harm to anyone, his apartment burnt down one day. He lost everything but gained the insurance pay-out to fund his training here at Delamar, where he met his wife Jane (Global Artistry Director for NARS). Not a dull moment has passed since, from starting on Band Of Brothers, to the present day work between London and LA.  



The “Fresh Death” demo started with some product tips, including Kiehl’s Astringent Toner, and a secret about how to make “edger”.

Next step: Brian used Telesis adhesive to apply the prosthetic pieces, prepared by fellow Delamar graduate and tutor, Ali. The adhesive were applied liberally to both the model’s skin and the prosthetic pieces too, letting everything go tacky before sticking the pieces down. We have watched Sangeet use this technique too! 


One of the most enjoyable parts of the demo was watching Brian mix instant coffee with hair gel, to create a sticky brown gunge. This was followed by thick blood applied to the little divots of the face. Brian explained how blood can cover any edges that are not perfect, a pro tip!


Pieces prepared by Delamar tutor, Ali Reith


Brian told many stories from his career, including the struggles, lessons he learnt and funny anecdotes much to the entertainment of the students.



A huge thank you to Brian, assistant and graduate, Nadja, Ali for preparing the pieces, David the model and all the students who kindly helped set up the room.



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