We’re not over The Prosthetics Event

We’re not over The Prosthetics Event

Delamar Academy course + Unprecedented industry crew shortages = The best time to enter the industry, like, ever?

With many Marvel and Sci Fi films being shot here in the UK, the prosthetics industry is experiencing a massive skills shortage. This is excellent news if you are training or an artist enjoying your pick of the jobs. Bad news for producers and designers trying to get crew. 

Pinewood has recently announced expansion of the iconic Shepperton Studios in Surrey. This decision means the expansion will now total approximately, 1 million sq ft of new production accommodation, and comprise 17 sound stages. This new contract reinforces Netflix’s commitment to Shepperton Studios and the UK film industry. There have never been more opportunities available for TV & film Make-up Artists.

Anna Mallett, Vice President Physical Production UK & EMEA, Netflix, said: 

“We are delighted to announce the expansion of our production presence in the UK. The new contract with Shepperton highlights our commitment to investing in the UK creative industry and will provide a wealth of opportunities and production jobs, from entry level to heads of department. We’re excited to work with some of the best storytellers in the business to create amazing new films and series for our members.”

For anyone thinking of following their passion, there is no better time to train. If you would like to train in Prosthetics but have little to no knowledge – we recommend our Beginner to Advanced Prosthetics course. Once you have completed this course, we can provide our highly coveted Delamar Aftercare.

We’re still not over The Prosthetics Event

How wonderful is it to be back at events with lots of other people? It was a joy to be surrounded by over 1000 other make-up enthusiasts at the Coventry Arena this weekend. Did you go? If you didn’t but want to know what happened, read on… 

Armed with a stash of discounted tickets, we encouraged our students to go. The Prosthetics Event has been going for a few years now and while it is aimed at prosthetics lovers, the truth is, this event was excellent for many different make-up genres including body painting and SFX. You didn’t need to be a prosthetics nerd to enjoy it!


The highlight of the day was without doubt, Nick Dudman’s talk. Nick taught at Delamar many years ago and his career started on the Star Wars films working for the legendary Stuart Freeborn, building Yoda. This came about after Nick’s dad used the phonebook to find Stuart’s number and thrust the telephone into his son’s hand. Nick went on to be trained by Dick Smith and has enjoyed the most incredible career chiefly known for his design work on the Harry Potter Films. Nick has worked on more blockbusters than we can list, including The Mummy Returns, Batman, Indiana Jones and recently, the critically acclaimed TV series, Carnival Row. 

The entire audience were constantly laughing at Nick’s bizarre experiences, including a visit from The Secret Service in preparation for his tour of the Harry Potter Creature Dept for the Obamas. With a workshop of practical jokers, this sounded like a rather stressful and memorable day! 

Another mind-blowing story was from Return Of The Jedi, where one sneeze caused a whole face prosthetic to fall off The Emperor, in the Spacecraft, moments before the cameras started rolling. You could hear a pin drop in the audience as we held our breath with anxiety over this nightmare scenario unfolding. Good glue is the moral of the story!

It’s Bill Corso! Emma was thrilled to meet the legend who we did an IG live with over lockdown 2020. What a time to be alive! Bill was even lovelier in real life. On the afternoon panel talk, he gave the best advice to the audience, which was to train at a “proper make-up school, if you get the chance.”

Bill also made fun of his early beginnings in the make-up industry, which involved going to work with his father, who was a plumber in Florida. Bill was about 5 years old when he starting playing with clay, found at the bottom of holes dug by his father. This humble story came in response to Nick’s first job working on Yoda. Bill later went to work in a prosthetics shop and worked his way up from there. We all laughed and this really shows there is no correct career path; every journey is unique and valid. You can start anywhere and at any age, with zero connections and still become successful in this industry.

Our graduates will attest to the help and support from our tutors, staff and Delamar Agency in providing these important first steps.



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