The hair courses at Delamar Academy now specifically include Afro Hair

The hair courses at Delamar Academy now specifically include Afro Hair

The Hair Courses at Delamar are highly regarded in the industry as the best training for artists who wish to learn period and contemporary hairstyling. Our Advanced Hair course is a catapult for so many people to enter the film and TV world where hair skills are essential. We have recently updated a two week Contemporary Hair course (formerly known as Hollywood Hair) which is perfect for people looking to learn modern hairstyles for red carpet, commercials, bridal and general media industry work. Other course options are the newly created Afro Hair styling course, one week hair course and Barbering

Our newest course: Afro Hair


Tutor Michelle Garande is currently teaching Afro Hair here at Delamar Academy:

Michelle is a Zimbabwean born and West London raised Hair educator who specialises in Afro and Multi-textured hair. Michelle has been part of the hair industry for over 7+ years.

Starting her career as a salon Junior in 2012 at Afrotherapy Salon in North London, she soon realised her passion and love for hairdressing and creative Avant Garde styling. Within 3 years of her career she had become a Senior Stylist, Salon Assistant Manager and Assistant Head of the Afrotherapy Creative Team.

Michelle’s creative side grew through taking part in hair competitions from 2013 where she has won 5 Awards for Avant Garde styling and 3 Awards for Braid Stylist of the Year, she has done and still does photographic work that has been featured in hair magazines such Black Beauty and Hair magazine and Black Hair magazine.

The course provides an intensive grounding in Afro hairdressing skill you’ll need for working as a stylist in the media business. At the end of the course you will have learnt: 

  • Introduction to Afro and Multi-textured Hair (hair types, curl types, hair and scalp analysis)
  • Consultations
  • Products (what to use, when to use and how to use)
  • Tools (combs, brushes, heat styling tools)
  • Hair prep for wigs
  • Braiding techniques for wig application
  • Styling techniques for type 3 and 4 hair (Curly and Kinky Coiled)
  • Maintenance and aftercare

Click here to read about our Afro Hair course. Dates and further information on this course are currently being confirmed. 




Advanced Hair

Artists travel from all over the world for the January term at Delamar. The Advanced courses run for a full six weeks where students are challenged to grow their skillset beyond what they believe is possible. These skills enable graduates to be hired more easily in the film, TV and fashion industries. 

The job opportunities graduates have enjoyed have been incredible. We have placed Advanced Hair Gradates on: Maleficent, The Crown, The French Dispatch, Rocketman, Mission Impossible, London Fashion Week, Killing Eve, Wicked The Musical, Kinky Boots, Book of Mormon, Tina The Musical the Royal Opera House and many more. We have Advanced Hair graduates working internationally too. Broadway New York, several big TV shows and House of Dancing Water in Macau are all productions hiring Delamar Advanced Hair graduates.

So what does “Advanced” actually mean? Good question! In the case of hair, prior to taking the Advanced course, an artist might not be confident when handed a lace wig and asked to style it into an Early Victorian set for example, with additional hairpieces called switches. Or, they might not feel confident creating hair cages, used frequently in films, high fashion and theatre jobs. This is a wire cage (literally) that sits within the hairstyle to create a lightweight yet impactful design. Contemporary techniques for intricately modern hairstyles are also taught on this course.

Once the course is completed, graduates will be able to set real hair lace wigs into key period hairstyles – Edwardian, Early and Late Victorian, 1920s finger waves, 1930s, 1940s, and the fundamental techniques to approach all hairstyles, both contemporary and historical.

Another huge appeal of this course is our tutors – Laura Solari, Jo Nielsen and Wendy Topping are three of the best in the industry with careers spanning over 25 years working on all the top feature films and theatre productions. These tutors have pioneered the course content, recognising skills needed in the industry and updating the course each year accordingly. This is one of the main reasons why Advanced Hair graduates are hired so frequently.


To discuss enrolment on this course, please email your CV or information about your hair skills to

Click here to find out more information on the Advanced Hair course.



Contemporary Hair 



Ever wondered how celebrity hairdressers create those red carpet looks? Find out their secrets by taking this 2 week course covering all aspects of hair styling from bridal through to light entertainment.

Straight from some of Saturday night’s best TV shows (such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, ‘Over the Rainbow’, ‘Dancing on Ice’ and ‘Saturday Night Take Away’) our tutors will break down the hairstyles seen in fashion, music videos, the red carpet and dance shows and teach you the skills to achieve them. These intricate and technically challenging styles often need to withstand the shakes and tumbles of the Rumba or Cha Cha Cha, therefore learning skills in how to build on strong foundation work and setting work is essential. 

We have recently included a day on music video inspired hair styling, Chris Appleton’s work and braiding.  

Please note that the course fee includes use of the combs, brushes, and grips included in our complete kit.


1 Week Hair 

As well as the techniques used in period and fashion hair styling, you will also learn the skills needed to use a variety of leading hair products in the best way.

This is a practical course, so from the first, you will be using electrical equipment such as tongs, heated rollers, straighteners, and bendies. You will learn techniques such as styling long hair, French pleats, bridal styles, braiding, and plaiting.

Please note that the course fee includes use of the combs, brushes, and grips from our complete kit.

Optional week 2: Hair Setting. Hair is set to give body and fullness, temporarily changing the appearance of the hair. We teach setting in different sets, building the techniques and dexterity of the students to a high standard. This is essential for TV, film and commercial/fashion work as all hair professionals need to understand how settings like a “horse shoe set” will translate into many period and modern styles alike. Precise sectioning with wet set rollers and pins is the starting point after mapping out a style on the head. Students are then taught how to dress out a set. For students wanting to progress into Hollywood Hair, Period Wigs or Advanced Hair, this week module is essential. 




This course covers sectioning, scissor over comb techniques, clippering, blowdrying, cross checking, texturizing, blending, fashion blowdrying and styling. Men’s barbering and clipper cuts, beard trimming and much more. Ask any top make-up artist working in the industry today, these skills are invaluable for any make-up artist pursuing a career in TV and film. We have updated the course to include some military and period styles, essential for many make-up artists working in film. 

Please note that the course fee includes use of the scissors, gown, and comb included in our complete kit.


To find out about more of our courses click here. 



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