The best YouTube tutorials for make-up artists

The best YouTube tutorials for make-up artists

We won’t mince our words here…

YouTube make-up is our friend and our foe. Many people feel like they have learnt so much from this platform, that they can be self-proclaimed make-up artists, without any practical experience on set.

At this time of #stayhome we are here to sift the wheat from the chaff when it comes to make-up tutorials. In no particular order, here are a few that are approved by the most discerning make-up artist. 


1. Tina Earnshaw’s Titanic beauty make-up tutorial on Lisa Eldridge’s channel 




The day before Tina filmed this, we hosted her for a make-up masterclass with the students who got to see this look up-close and ask Tina their questions.


2. Lisa Eldridge’s “No Make-up Make-up” look 




Lisa is one of the finest beauty make-up artists in the business. We love how she uses very little product to create the most beautiful work. This tutorial is a masterclass in how “less is more”.



3. Stuart Bray’s Alcohol Activated Make-up Basics



Stuart Bray is a big industry name in prosthetics. We love these simple techniques that show the importance of honing your basic skills before attempting the bigger make-up effects. 


4. Ve Neill – How to apply Pros Aide transfer



Ve Neill is an Oscar winning make-up artist known for her work on Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire. We are big fans of her work and love this tutorial. 


5. Erin Parsons – Marilyn Monroe Make-up Tutorial



Erin Parsons is a fashion make-up artist on Pat McGrath’s team. Her technical skills and period accuracy in this video make for a brilliant watch! 


We hope you enjoyed these brilliant tutorials. When this Covid-19 period is over, we will be open for new students. Please feel free to browse our courses and let us know if you have any queries by emailing us on

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