Delamar graduates and tutors work on the Royal Wedding

Delamar graduates and tutors work on the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend was the most watched live event of the year. More people tuned in to watch than for 2011’s Royal Wedding. With all big national events, there is a huge team of people making sure every celebrity and TV personality is looking their best for the cameras, including Delamar tutors and Delamar graduates! This was easily the best job to be a part of, and we are thrilled to have members of our extended make-up family, working on the day.


We loved Daniel Martin’s make-up on Meghan Markle – very natural and glowing with a soft pink lip and a hint of some fluttery lashes. This was absolutely gorgeous work, a look that was not trend-focused or too “done”. It was about what Daniel chose to leave out, as much as what he did on Meghan. Serge Normant is the legendary hair stylist who did Meghan’s hair. That strand at the front divided opinion; our Lead Fashion Tutor, Joanne Byrne said it “made the look”, while other TV and film industry artists were itching to put a hairgrip in.


As mentioned, we had a team of Delamar graduates and tutors in Windsor working on members of the media. Dermot O’Leary presented the build up and coverage of the big day to an audience of 30 million. Delamar tutor Sarah Exley was responsible for grooming her long-time client Dermot, alongside other presenters and personalities. Sarah was assisted by Delamar graduates Bella Costanzo and Sophie Shoob.


Despite many years in the industry and a whole heap of wonderful career highs, Sarah Exley was thrilled to lead a team for the make-up and grooming: 


“This weekend it was such a privilege to be asked to put a team together to work on the royal wedding…. incredible to be part of a historic event. My team could not have worked harder or had less sleep!!!! The make up room was full of joy, laughter, talent sparkle and finally champagne!! I am so lucky to have found an incredibly talented group of women who all support each other in every way you should in a make up room. We all learn from each other and help one another in every way (It’s very rare) and I am grateful for the atmosphere we all create when people come in and trust us to make them the best versions of themselves. ⚡”


Bella had the following to say about the weekend:


This was a once in a lifetime historical make-up and hair experience. I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and never imagined this opportunity would even be a possibility. It’s been simply unbelievable. I am forever grateful to Sarah, as I will never forget it. And I am still buzzing!”




Recent graduate from our 5 week summer course, Sophie Shoob was equally happy to be a part of the wedding magic. She had the following to say:


“I’m so grateful to Sarah for giving me this once in a life time opportunity and for welcoming me into her amazing team for such a big day! We had so much fun and laughed a lot! It was the most exciting day of my life and career. I still can’t believe I got to be part of this historical moment. I’ll never forget how amazing it all was.”



Delamar graduate and tutor, Brian Kinney was responsible for make-up on American actor and comedian, Tim Meadows for HBO. The next day he had to rush to IMATS to perform a demo on stage and is he now currently working on a top Disney film with his team of Delamar graduates. Brian Kinney’s work is #GOALS right now. 



We congratulate everyone involved in making the guests, bride and media look so beautiful for this momentous occasion. It will be a career highlight for so many who worked on every aspect of this wedding.

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