Laying on hair – PAM & Kate Benton’s masterclass

Laying on hair – PAM & Kate Benton’s masterclass

We were delighted to have Kate Benton come into the academy and deliver a master class on this highly technical niche area of make-up. Every film you see with a beard is almost always applied with a pre-made piece or laying on hair, usually both techniques are necessary. Kate is the founder of Precious About Make-up aka PAM, and a very highly respected make-up designer with multiple award nominations and films such as Love Actually, The Last Kingdom, Fortitude and The Royals. Kate is also a master of laying on hair… 



The masterclass started with the important advice for the students to look at real beards; it is important to study the hair growth direction, sparse areas, colours and textures. Kate then started mixing the hair and explaining the colour in beards is very varied with red tones, ashy tones and darker colours, all blended together to create a realistic effect.


Once the hair was mixed, thick Pros-Aid was applied to the face – containing Cabosil, which is great for a matte finish and invisible dry-down.


The hair was laid on Tom’s face with the end of a pair of scissors, in pressing motions. Kate mentioned how there is a lot of advice out there on techniques, but pressing the hair onto the skin is the essence of it.


Once the hair was on… kebab sticks (yes really) are really good for pushing the hair through the built-up beard. A good tip from Kate is that once the beard is finished, to pick bits off, as men naturally have gaps in their beard.



Thank you to Kate and her team for coming in to Delamar Academy. PAM is a fantastic resource not only in terms of buying products, but also for being a hub of professional advice and insider tips, perfect for those pre-job nerves. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is a fantastic demonstration of Kate working on Tom at IMATs – 



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