7 New Year’s Resolutions for make-up artists

7 New Year’s Resolutions for make-up artists

The New Year is a time for fresh energy and new opportunities.

Ultimately, the best resolutions are always the most sustainable to maintain. We don’t advise you enforce all these resolutions all at once, but pick and choose from the following that address your weaker points.

We guarantee these resolutions will help your career:


Read an article each day


Being knowledgeable about the make-up industry and wider media industry is essential to developing your career. Talented make-up artists will never get past a certain point if they are lacking knowledge. Educate yourself this year and get reading. Make sure you can name some of the emerging photographers in fashion, learn about the different film production companies, make-up designers and current award nominations. Read about lighting set ups, research new products, learn your history. It makes you a better person and a better expert of your craft.


Exchange telephone numbers with people


You would be amazed by the opportunities that can open up to you when people have your phone number. Whatsapps, texts and even old-fashioned phone calls are still key ways to communicate in 2019. Not every opportunity will land in your inbox or Instagram DMs. That said… put your phone number at the bottom of your email signature. Do it. Do it now.


Find a mentor


It might be a former tutor who you got on well with or someone you have assisted on a shoot. Whoever they are and whatever they do, they need to share your industry and be willing to go for coffee once in a while. Mentoring from someone more successful and senior in the make-up industry can be so helpful when you are first starting out. Here at Delamar we endeavour to mentor anyone who wishes to come in for a catch up!


Get better at organising your kit


Finding great ways to store your brushes, pencils and palettes will speed up your packing and unpacking time. This speed will make your life so much easier, and make for jobs booked the night before, not seem like such a hassle. Have you ever worked with a make-up artist who gets out their kit so efficiently, while you are there still faffing with palettes and fiddling with your brushes? We’ve all been there. An organised kit saves hours of time each week.


Attend more events


What’s better than people having your number? Developing a rapport with you in real life. Oh yes millennials, time to get networking. From BAFTA events, IMATS, Delamar Masterclasses, UMAE, The Prosthetics Event, Stylist Live, Beautycon, careers events, focus groups, wrap parties, socials and every other calendar event you can find the time for… we advise you turn up and say hello to people. You will always learn something everywhere you go!


 Reply to work emails and texts on the same day


We are bombarded with communication from all angles on millions of different platforms these days. If you can respond to your friend about something silly, then you can reply to an email requesting your availability for work. The most annoying problem with any make-up artist we try to get work for is their inability to communicate. If you are hard to pin down, then you won’t get much work. So when a department head or client texts you, you text them back pronto. Think about your response, be articulate and polite, but be timely. Sometimes the people who get all the work are not the most talented, they are the easiest to work with, and by easy, we mean straightforward, fuss-free communicators. Respond to people in good time. It’s a simple but effective resolution to have!


Say thank you


When someone gives you a fantastic opportunity, make sure you express your thanks. Consider small gestures like a card, an email, and some flowers if it’s a big job. You are so easily replaceable and your contact did not have to ask you, so make sure you appreciate each opportunity that comes your way. This little gesture can lead to further work!


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