Lauren Whitworth – from training at Delamar Academy to New York City

Lauren Whitworth – from training at Delamar Academy to New York City

In her own words, Lauren tells us all about her career since leaving Delamar Academy. Lauren talks about how her training at the Academy on the 1 Year Cert HE Professional Make-up Design Course helped her work as a top make-up artist with 10 years spent in NYC. 


I have been working as a freelance make-up artist now for 16 years, the last ten of those in New York. But my make-up journey started at the Delamar Academy of Make-Up in London, at the then much smaller quaint location in an old converted church in Fulham. I remember it was the first time in my life I woke up with an inner excitement as to what my day had in store for me and I commuted the hour journey every day of my year long course with a spring in my step. I had finally found what it was I wanted to do and what I was good at. And the kind and nurturing teachers at Delamar only got me more excited and enthusiastic about the craft as the course progressed. 



I loved the fact that the teachers were all still working in the industry so had current knowledge and understanding of the industry. I formed a particularly strong bond with my fashion make-up instructor, a fabulous Frenchman called Pascal who was kind enough to let me assist him on some of his jobs. I soaked up everything I could from him and we still remain friends to this day!


I realized my time at Delamar was invaluable even then. But since my days there, the more I realize just how totally responsible they are for getting me where I am today. It isn’t just about doing a pretty make-up, it’s all the other things that go with being a professional make-up artist: knowing set etiquette, how to handle clients (celebs included), how to promote your business, how to stay motivated… I still to this day hear lessons I learned there ringing in my ears! I would not be the professional I am now if I had gone to any other school. 



Today, I juggle an incredibly busy schedule of varying fashion, advertising and celebrity clients and work has taken me all over the globe.  But I also now have the pleasure of being a make-up teacher at a prestigious New York make-up school. I love the idea that I can carry on the legacy of what I learned back then at such a special place to new and aspiring artists who want to break into the industry too. And I try to make their journey just as fun as mine was. They are the best memories I hold. 


You can look at Lauren’s Instagram here, and her website here. 

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