Glow Up Episode 7 – The Semi Final

Glow Up Episode 7 – The Semi Final

We say this a lot, but episode 7 of Glow Up is our favourite one so far…


Just four contestants remained to battle it out for a place in the Glow Up Final. After a surprise house call from judges Val, Dominic and presenter Stacey, the ultimate make-up challenge was set: The contestants had to create a make-up look on two models, representing one decade of make-up. These looks would be presented on Carnaby Street, a historical place in London for popular culture. The general public would get to have a look at the make-up too. No pressure! The winner of this round was automatically immune from the Face Off challenge, and given a place in the Glow Up final. This was a high pressured challenge but very enjoyable to watch. We are really big on period references here at Delamar, teaching modules that cover the eighteenth century, right up to the 1980’s.

The decades and models were allocated and the contestant had 2 hours to create show-stopping looks. Leigh knocked this challenge out the park, with arresting work on his models – the 80’s are all about bright clashing colours, and he did this very well. The blurred lips, shiny gloss and even shape of the eye shadow were stunning. Val who loved the looks praised his taste. We were disappointed to see Ellis get this brief very wrong – his take on the 90’s was not really true to the period, as it looked very current with instagram-style eye blending and large lips – not 90’s at all! The make-up on its own was not bad, but Ellis didn’t address the brief. “So near yet so far”.

We were delighted to see Leigh win immunity from failing the next round and his place at the Glow Up final!


Next up was a brilliant challenge that assessed all the skills learnt through the series so far. The Creative Brief was to produce a look based on their favourite song. Inspiration was taken from artists such as Christina Aguilera and Eric Clapton 

Ellis really shone with his Alexander McQueen esque look. Dominic’s feedback about this work creating a great image was certainly true. Belinda did not show us anything we haven’t seen her do before. So for this reason, we understood why it was her time to go.


The final challenge next week is a photo shoot with top fashion photographer, Rankin. We really cannot wait to see this and find out who is crowned the Glow Up winner! Check in next week to read our low down on the sixth episode of Glow Up, which is available on BBC Three via iPlayer and will also air on BBC One at 10.35pm





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